How to add a hood to "sure fit cardigan"

I am almost finished with a sweater for my youngest granddaughter using the Sure Fit Sweater pattern from That’s the good news, now my daughter decides she wants a hood on it. I think I know how but would like some confirmation/suggestions.
My guess would be to pick up the stitches as if to make the collar, and knit until proper size and use a two needle bind off to join. the problem I see with this is how would I create a ribbing at the front edge? Thanks for your help.

That seems like it would work. You could do a 5 stitch garter edge on it instead of ribbing and then you could just knit it right in. Otherwise you’d have to pick up the stitches around the edge and do the ribbing. Make sure to give yourself room to do that or it’ll be too closed in on the face.

Oh and I think you mean 3 needle bind off. :wink: