How to add a flap to a laptop cover

OK, let’s see how I put this in words to make it easy to understand :wink:

I want to knit a laptop cover for a friend of mine and I want to use this pattern:

Here’s a picture in case you are not on Ravelry:

The problem is that I don’t have the book where this pattern appears, so I’ve figured it out by myself. It’s pretty easy, as it’s basically made up of rows in different stitches (K1-P1 ribbing, seed stitch, box stitch and double seed stitch).

Now, my question is, if this pattern is knitted in the round starting by the top (the K1-P1 ribbing), how do you knit the flap? Do you start off with the flap and then add more stitches when you reach the first row of the actual cover? or do you simply start knitting the cover and add the flap later on by picking up those stitches? In that case, what’s the trick to obtain a perfect, seamless result like the one in the pictures?

Yeah, I’m completely lost with this simple pattern… :knitting: any help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

That pattern does have a flap - do you just want a longer flap?

from the flicker pic, it looks like the flap is knit first, flat knitting. Then when it’s long enough, cast on xx stitches and join in the round for the body.

I thinkyou are correct. Start by casting on enough stitches for the flat, work flat in ribbing for the requiered length, cast on the number of stitces that you need to get the full size, join in the round, a few more rows of ribbing and then into the other stitch patterns

Yeah, that’s what I thought. My next doubt then is, how to cast on those stitches to get the full size? Backward Loop CO? It’s the only method I know about to cast on stitches in the middle of a project…

Thanks for your replies! :wink:

No, I wouldn’t use backward loop - not when you’ll need to cast on so many. I’d use a knit or cable cast on. Check out the video page if your not sure how to do them.