How to add 2

NUBBINS DISHCLOTH BY ‘inahappycamper’. I found this cloth pattern and don’t quite understand one little part…
cast on 40.
Row 1…knit
[B][I]Row 2…cast on 2 using knitted cast on method. Cast off 2, knit 40. [/I][/B]

[B][I]thank you…[/I][/B]

To cast on after you’ve got something started, use a knit or backward loop cast on. Then immediately cast off those 2 st and knit the original 40. This will give you the little nubbins.

when I cast on to start a project…I knit the stitches on…exactly like this will I add the 2 …

Yes, you can use the knit cast on. Put your needle with the sts in your left hand, add 2, then cast them off.