How stupid!

I made myself a Lucy bag. All that ss can get a little boring, and I was thinking ahead to my next projects. I finished the largest strap, and it was time to graft that strap to the purse (only one more strap to go, and time to felt…then on to new projects). I finished my grafting and was actually pretty pleased with how I did it…until I looked at the rest of the strap and realized that I never untwisted it and made sure it was all straight before I sewed it up. :wall:I don’t think I can fix this one. I used Patons SWS, and you know how it likes to stick to itself when you try to frog it. :waah:

Well, give it a shot anyway, trying to unknit it. If that fails, go ahead and cut it. Unravel both sides as best you can and then re-knit. Just make sure any cut ends are woven in. Once felted, it won’t even show.

Yes try. Any pulling and loose fibers will be “fixed” during felting!

Maybe you can leave the twist as a design feature … just make sure when you felt it that you take it out and adjust the twist often so that it looks like you did it on purpose. SWS felts very quickly in my machine! You could also make sure the twist is at the place where the strap connects to the purse when you felt it and then after felting, cut. untwist, sew it back together and cover the seam with a pretty “something” …

I didn’t think about cutting it. That might work. For a few seconds, I thought I might leave the twist in there - but it’s like 6 or 7 twists actually. It just doesn’t look right! If nothing else, I keep teaching myself valuable lessons! LOL