How strong is overcast stitching?

Hi, I’m new, just started knitting last month (took classes) and I’m working on my first pattern, a felted handbag.

I’ve done all the knitting part (circular), now putting the pieces together before felting. The pattern calls for “loose overcast stitch” to stitch together the bottom of the handbag. I understand that’s just a basic stitch that kind of looks like a coil, and I’m just wondering if it’s going to be strong enough for the bottom of a 12wx18h (finished size) purse. The pattern says to do that, so it must be, but I’m just nervous because it’s my first time and once it’s felted, I don’t think there’s much I can do after. Help???

When it says loose it means don’t pull on it too much. You don’t want it to pucker. During the felting process everything tightens up and I suppose if you had it too tight to start with it could pucker when you felt it too. But you can make your overcast stitches fairly close together, though you probably don’t want them super close. Trying to put them about as far apart as the knit stitches are so that it doesn’t look any holier than the rest of the bag does should work. That’s my thinking anyway. I think it will be strong enough, especially after felting. Good luck with your first project.