How soft is WOTA

How soft is WOTA? Being a touchy feely sort I really like to shop in person but the prices of the knitpicks things are so enticing. What about their other yarns are there some you just love?

It’s a bit softer than cascade 220 or Patons classic merino in my opinion :slight_smile:

I used WOTA on a felted bag. Definitely too itchy for me for clothing. I have used the Merino Style, which was much softer.


i’ve not touched it, but i’ve heard it pills fairly easily. i have lots of faves from kp. swish superwash comes to mind. i also like their cotton yarns. i’m doing the plain vanilla sweater in crayon (pima cotton yum!) and i have my supplies to make arwen in shine.

It’s not bad to knit with, but pills too much and is too scratchy to wear IMO. It felts great though!

I am currently knitting my Irish Hiking Scarf with WOTA and although it looks great I have to agree it is not very soft to the touch.

I am going to try felting a purse with my remaining stash now that I know it felts great.

thanks stirsmommy

Thanks everyone. :muah: I am now looking into the superswish. Washable would be good since I am thinking afghan.

I love Swish and Merino style for softness.

I have a ball of WOTA but have not knit with it yet besides a small hat for my rabbit (Yes, you read that right :D) It’s a bit scratchy and I would pick Merino style or Swish for a next to skin sweater.

The sweaters I’ve knit with it don’t pill very much, but it is noticeable, so I don’t knit sweaters with it anymore. There’s a reason why it’s so low priced, believe me. It’s softer than some wools, but there are [I]definately [/I]softer wools out there, even if they are a bit more expensive.