How social are you?

As far as knitting goes, do you prefer to knit alone or with others? I have yet to go to any knit-ins because I’m afraid I’d get so little knitting done–I would have to have the simplest project imaginable to knit around others talking. Or is that the point?

My mom and I knit together when we visit. I don’t know any other knitters offline. I have offered to teach some folks, though.

OMG! Knitting “socially” is the best! I get way more done at home alone, but that’s not the point at all. You might not even get one stitch done, but the fun of being with other fiber lovers and knitters is great! Besides, if you are stuck or just have some questions, knit group is the best. Someone is bound to have run across the same problem as you.

I go to knit group 2x a week. On Wednesday mornings for 2 hours and on Saturday afternoons for 2+ hours. I hate missing knit group even though I don’t really get much done.

Try it! I promise you won’t regret it. You’ll meet amazing people! Some of my good friends are people I met through knit group.

I only know one other knitter and we don’t get together very often. :frowning: In fact, we’ve only knitted together once since we both learned (she took up her needles shortly after I taught myself). I wish that we lived closer to one another and that life would slow down more so that we could get together more often. That’s why I want to start a knitting group here on base… I want that social experience of being with other knitters. :slight_smile:

I’ve only knitted once with the ladies in IL and never with anyone else. It was a lot of fun but I did have a fairly simple project with me - I don’t think I could have accomplished ANYTHING that required concentration. I usually have a project OTN that is simple and doesn’t require too much brain effort.

I think Stephanie is right - it is more about being social then getting any knitting done. The help would be wonderful too if you needed it. I don’t do well meeting new people which is why I haven’t tried it yet, but it would be nice to know some local knitters.

I wish I lived near you - we could knit and chat! :slight_smile:

Our town is small, and we don’t have a LYS, but there is a craft store in our downtown square, and the lady who owns it is always knitting something. She used to used a nifty knitter, but a friend of hers from out of town, taught her how to knit using needles, and she’s hooked.

I used to tell my husband how much I wish I could go in there and knit with her. My sisters work during the day, and I don’t really have any close friends who knit, and I just was thinking it would be fun. The problem is that I have self esteem issues, and I’m way too shy to ask her if it would be alright.

One time I was shopping in there, and my husband was with me. She and I got to talking about projects we were working on, and about different patterns we wanted to try, and my husband suggested that I come in sometimes and knit with her. She seem to really like that idea, and told me I’d be welcome anytime.

The problem is, and always has been, my shyness. I still haven’t gone in there, because I’m afraid that after she gets to know me, she’ll see how boring I really am, and wish I’d just leave. :pout: But ya’ll are making it sound so fun, that I might just have to steady my nerves, bite the bullet, and just go in there. Oh, I long to be outgoing. I’m aftaid I miss out on so much.

Before the CT kicked in well and truly, I used to do most of my knitting on a Thursday night at my LYS.

I don’t mind knitting either way.

With Lace, I prefer to knit alone, though… :smiley:

I just learned to knit this summer from one of my co-workers, who is an amazing knitter. The rest of my co-workers and I who didn’t know how to knit decided to ask her to teach us this summer. It worked out really well. We met about once a week at first when we were learning the BASICS. By the last few times, I was to the point where I could knit and talk at the same time. (Well, sorta!) :teehee:

However, this month I’ve been knitting all on my own. There are some great LYS’s around me that have open knitting time a few times a week, but I am sort of intimidated to go, since I am still a beginner! :aww:

There’s a local knitting group that meets at the library every week for two hours. I’m interested but afraid they’ll think of me as an idiot since I just started knitting and honestly my projects are quite simplistic. I may go and spy on them to see if they’re nice and then try and sit in one of their get togethers. :thinking:

I knit almost every Saturday at my LYS. I love it! We have all ages and skill levels knitting together. It’s a very upbeat group. Last weekend a few of us did some kool-aid dyeing in the back of the store. We had a blast. Many people never heard of kool-aid dyeing and came back to watch.

I am pretty reserved when I meet new people. Once I get to know them the sarcastic humor comes out. Never a dull moment.

I’ve never knit in a social situation before. It’s kind of hard to get out of the house with a 16-month old.

However, I told DH that once we get settled into our new place, I’ll be heading over to the LYS and seeing what’s going on. I’d like to meet new knitters in hopes of learning new techniques and stuff.

I never really knit with other people. I have crocheted with my dad before though.

I think I’d actually be a little bit nervous knitting with other knitters. I’d feel as if they didn’t like my project or if they didn’t like me at all. :pout: It would be nice to actually socialize with other knitters, even though I don’t like having to meet new people. :wall:

I knit alone, although I would love to knit with others, but am not physically able to go to knit ins at my yarn shops…I do think that it would be fun, though :cheering:

Too bad you didn’t live near me we could go be introverts together! :roflhard:

well i would say if you are going to go, definitely take a very easy project to work on because the fellowship can get distracting! :wink: i love it though…lots of fun.

i am at my party convention this weekend and i saw a woman with a bag that looked hand knit with sari silk and asked her about it. she actually didn’t make it but we started talking and she is a knitter too. she asked me if i thought it would be okay if she knitted during the meetings, which of course i said ABSOLUTELY to and showed her all the little projects i brought with me…lol

go go go if you can!

Oh that sounds so great to knit twice a week with others.
I’d love to do that. I guess in the end I’m sorta shy too because there’s a group that meets at a Starbucks every Wed night but I never go. Well, first of all I hate Starbucks and never go in there and second I like to be home at night. A day time lys would be great but in Manhattan you can’t knit in them unless you’re buying their yarn.

One of these years, maybe next summer, I’m going to try and organize a knit in at my house, on my new sunporch. Since I can’t afford to get a yarn shop like I want to!

I’d love to go to a knitting group! I tried to start one here, but it didn’t generate much interest. In the whole Wellington region, there are only two yarn/craft stores that I know of. One holds a knitting group on the first Monday night of the month, but my hubby goes to Monday night war gaming so that night is out. :frowning: They also tried one on Tuesday mornings, but it never took off either. sigh

I only have one close friend who knits but she’s not as into it as I am. She hasn’t touched her knitting in AGES. Ah, well… maybe one day I’ll meet up with other knitters.

I’m in the process of starting a crafting group at work- got the OK from the call center director, just need to organize when :slight_smile: I can’t wait! People at work are always asking me to teach them how to knit, and there are others who quilt & crochet. I just think it would be fun to get together and work on projects. We’ll see how it goes!

I mostly knit alone because I knit in the evenings when I’m trying to unwind. if I had time I’d go to our SnB (Sunday afternoons @ 1600 I think, about 20 minutes from my house). I don’t mind knitting with others, but yeah I can’t do complicated patterns 'cuz I’m too talkative. our Tuesday lunch time work knitting group has disbanded, but I used to love going. I didn’t get much done tho, too much talking. :smiley:

I love knitting with others and I’m so shy by nature… took my dh awhile to get me to go but now I’m glad he did… my LYS only offers classes though and late night flings where you go and knit something they pick out… I wish they did have knit and sit nights though… :verysad: