How small can you go?

I work with what I have often times. I currently have two containers for my notions. That way I can grab the notions and switch project bags at a moment’s notice. Grab new project bag containing the wip, place notions container in bag. Go to knit meeting.

My favorite container is an Altoids tin. I can fit sticky notes, safety pins, point protectors, row counter, tape measure, and scissors along with a business card sized inspirational quote. I even have a bit more room for more stitch markers, safety pins, rubber bands, tapestry needle etc. It’s my economy sized notions container.

My second notions holder is an old make up case. About the size of a coin purse. I can fit everything in the picture in it, plus sticky notes, point protectors, and a small pen/pencil.

What do you carry? What is your system? How small can you go?

Well, I’m impressed. I will definitely be saving my next altoids tin.

newb question…

I keep seeing those big blue crayony shaped things in peoples stash… What are they?

They hold needles, of the tapestry variety! :thumbsup:

anyone can go small for a knitting bag/accessories.

how about this?

how small can you knit?
(i have never,ever even thougt about knitting this small!

Here’s my little accessory tin. It is the tin my little gingher embroidery scissors came in. It fits a pack of stitch markers and row markers, my chibi, and the scissors, of course. The other pouch is the one i bought with my Green Mountain knitting bag. I still carry it with me because it is small and often use it when i need something smaller than the giant purse i carry :teehee: right now it has my gauge checker thingy and my little black sheep tape measure. all my other stuff that is in the tin, can happily fit in the pouch too. :smiley:

eta the picture…sheesh :doh:

Chibi. A case that holds two tapestry needles for weaving in ends. Love my chibi.

and OMGosh…that was itty bitty knitting.

I just posted this to get organizational style ideas. I like things compact and easy to switch around at a moment’s notice.

Hey, that’s almost identical to what I have for my knitting notions! I have added a few things since Christmas, that aren’t shown in the picture (tape measure instead of the sewing tape measure, yarn cutter). The tin I used came from a little tin of chocolates. Very similar dimensions to an altoid tin, except slightly taller. I love it!

ah, thank you.