How should threads in this forum be posted?

Question/opinion to Amy and others. I’m not sure how Amy intended us to use this…should it be sort of like the blog forum where anyone who wants to post FO’s maintains a single thread from here to eternity? Or should each person put up a new post everytime we want to show a new FO?

In my very honest opinion, EVERY FO deserves it’s own thread and all the ensuing kudos and raves. The things people make here always amaze me and inspire me. And I feel that every item is a work of art and should have it’s own place to shine.

Excellent point. I wonder how others will feel…

This option wasn’t on the poll, but I think it would be nice to have a thread for each type of FO? E.g. a separate thread for scarves, hats, socks, layette…if there is a specific pattern that’s getting knitted by lots of people (like the FT clogs or Rogue or whatever) that could get its own thread also.
The reasoning behind this is that if I wanted to knit, say, a hat, and didn’t have a pattern in mind yet, I could go browse through the hat FOs for inspiration.
But maybe it would get too confusing or complicated? I certainly can see the rationale of each FO getting its own thread and its own “moment to shine”…

I’d like to see a thread for each with the pattern name in the title. For instance, if I want to make Clapotis and use the same yarn as Rebecca (gorgeous choice, btw), it would be nice to be able to go to one thread rather than scroll through 78 pages to see shat she used.

And of course, not all patterns have names, but a lot of them do.

Good idea! I tried to edit the poll to add that but it wouldn’t let me.

Like Silver, I believe every FO should have its moment of glory. Unfortunately that one thread got so beastly long and once I fell behind, I felt like it took too long to catch up, ya know?

I think a blog thread would be cool, organized either by person’s FO’s or by type… because that way the number of threads won’t get completely haywire… but I plan on doing that for myself, because I generally have a lot of FO’s - - people that have fewer might want to showcase theirs as they’re finished in individual threads :??

Kemp never posts stupid polls :wink:

I agree with what Silver and Sara said. I love seeing a thread with someone’s particular FO in it…that way everyone can ask about the pattern/yarn, etc in that one thread and don’t have to scroll through a bunch of other stuff not related to that FO.

This is going to make everything so much easier. :happydance:

If this were organized like the Blog forum, then the 2 would get confused. I think each FO should get its own thread.

Maybe it would be easier if each thread’s name was preceded by either “FO” (Finished Object) or “ON” (On Needles)… :thinking:

Sara…to avoid browsing 78 pages to find Rebecca’s yarn, you could use the search tool above and search on “Clapotis”, narrowing your search to Rebecca’s posts only. :thumbsup:

I like the idea of people who make the same items posting to the same thread so you can see the variations. I don’t think it needs to be like a blog, because, well, it would be too much like the blog forum!

I think each should have it’s own thread with a descriptive name as the subject line rather than “My FO” or whatever. That way if if someone just wants to see bags it’s easier to spot, too.

everyone has such good points…DUH…it would be too much like the blog forum.

I like the idea of putting what the object is in the title though. It would help make things easier to find especially if someone is going a search for a specific pattern or item.

I definitely like the FO or ON designation, and the name of the item in the title. Very good idea there. I’ll get some input from the other mods and from Amy on this.

I echo Dana’s reasoning … well said.


Ok… here’s my two cents… well maybe its only worth one cent… but I digress. :rollseyes:

I didnt vote on this option because there are a couple more options I see that could be on there.

  1. Keep the current method. (One thread for all FOs.)
    • The obvious disadvantages to this is if you miss a few days, you usually have to read through several pages and basically have to take notes to keep track of everyone’s stuff so that you can comment. Reading the whole thread would be dang near impossible without dedicating several hours to it.
    • The advantages to this however are: You will not get huge numbers of email notifications. You will not be searching through large numbers of individual threads posted since last logging on. It’s easy to make this a sticky… something that would be impractical with individual threads.
  1. Post daily joint FO threads. (i.e. Thread name = 11/17/05 FOs).
    • I see advantages to this method being as follows. The FOs are in one location. It will be easy to identify which threads are new when searching through posted since last visit. Email notifications will be kept to a minimum because older threads will continually drop off.
    • Disadvantages include: It would be impractical to make them into stickys, for easy finding, though a separate subforum could be created to house them, like the blog forum houses blogs. It could potentially be confusing to people wishing to post their FOs, if they are not familiar with the system.
      You would get more email notifications than the current system depending on posting. If large numbers of FOs come in during a single day, it still could potentially mean taking notes to keep track of FOs posted to comment on them.

The issue I have with making an individual threads for each FO is that will generate HUGE numbers of emails. I see the validity in changing the current system but I also believe we need to realize that a lot of people that post on the FO thread ALSO post about their FOs in their blogs, effectively doing the same thing as making an individual FO thread. I see no point in triplicating it.

My suggestion would be to find a middle ground. Either group the FOs by type, by date, by yarn, by color, whatever. Keep in mind we already have several KALs here that effectively do the same thing as grouping by type. Admittedly they are more specific and they cover both FOs and UFOs. (insert alien music here).

Just some thoughts… I’ll shut up now.

Hey Joel…I’ve never gotten emails. I’m sure people can turn off notifications.

The mods (or whoever decides this) might want to check out other forums to see how they do it. Not that I am saying that the other places are doing it “right” but you can see how they work. Craftster does it with each fo having a different entry, although people who have made the same thing often post in the same thread. Or there are threads for projects from a certain book, for example. Organizing by type might work out, but I think organizing by date, color, etc. wouldn’t be too helpful for navigation.

Oh, and I believe that this is replacing the FO thread in the general forum, so it’s not adding yet another place to post. Good points though, Joel!

Whatever happens, lets avoid this :rollseyes: