How should one start a new skein of yarn

This maybe is a silly question…but I have the worst time trying to decide how to start a new skein of yarn. I always end up with twisted yarn. The skein that I started last night is Knit Picks Palette and I started it from the outside of the skein (the previous skein was started from the center and I had the same problem) and I am having twists already. Is there information somewhere that tells one how they should start a new skein? Or should I be winding the skeins into balls before starting a project to eliminate the twisting? I think I read on an earlier post that if the yarn was in a hank it should be balled and if it was in a skein many knitters knit from the skein…any suggestions would be most welcomed.

thanks much.cloud9

The extra twist is generally from your knitting, and has nothing to do with where you’re pulling the yarn from. Most people will turn their work in the same direction at the end of each row, after several rows, your working yarn will have that extra twist in it.

I know a couple people keep their working yarn in a bowl sitting on a lazy susan. Most of us just periodically untwist our work as we go along.

Thanks Cristeen…I’ll give that a try.

I worked with palette and didn’t have a problem with it twisting, though I have on other yarns. If any yarn does, you can just let the skein dangle and it will untwist, or let your work dange and untwist.