How should I use this beautiful lace pattern?

I’m a fairly new, but adventurous knitter. I recently found this gorgeous lace pattern, and decoded the chart and wrote out the pattern. I tried it and it worked beautifully! I want to make something with it, but I don’t know what to make. I only use cotton yarn. I have some deep purple Lion Brand 24/7 yarn (mercerized) that I thought might look nice. I thought of a wall hanging or some curtain panels. Does anyone have any other ideas?

That really is a lovely pattern and so aptly named. It would make a beautiful front panel on a sweater or a light, lacy shawl. Whatever you choose to do will be an enjoyable knit!

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Beautiful :heart_eyes:
It’s similar to a top I made a while ago (2016!! time flies)
20160223_092029_medium2 ella_2_medium2
As salmonmac said whatever you decide to do will look stunning with this lace. Good luck.


It’s a lovely lace.
Do you like throws on arm chairs or across a bed? I like to have some superfluous soft furnishings around the house just to soften things up.
Often home design magazines show a throw or shawl across sofa, arm of a chair or draped over a foot stool or the stair banister rail etc, for colour and texture. It reduces echo in the house too.

It will be lovely whatever you make.

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If anyone else wants to try this pattern, which is a Japanese pattern, the strange “loop” symbols mean to knit/purl through the back leg. And note that the first/last stitch is not in the repeat section. I didn’t even know how to read a chart when I found this, but I was so inspired, I did the research and learned! There are LOTS of knit/purl tbl’s in this pattern, but they give it a 3-D effect that’s so beautiful that it’s worth it!


That is just gorgeous

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Thank you :blush:

One other note for anyone who wants to try this pattern: On row 15, the very last stitch of the whole row should be an ssk instead of a CDD because there will only be 2 sts left.

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This is beautiful. Did a quick google search and found this gorgeous shawl on Ravelry.

Definitely putting it on my list!


Beautiful. I love the delicate edge.