How should I post my pattern?

If I want to post a pattern I made how should I go about it? Should I write it on something like open-office or something and attach it to my post? Or should I just write it in my post? (It’s not a very lengthy pattern.) And in what section should I post it?

Patterns aren’t normally posted here. Try:

They probably have guidelines for posting. Once you’ve posted it on Ravelry, please send us a link to it. I would love to see it.

If the pattern is truly one you wrote you can post it in the pattern section, but clearly state that it’s your own pattern. Ravelry is also a good place if you want even more people to see it.

I want to post it on here because y’all were so helpful with my getting started on it by answering the questions I asked and I wanted y’all to see it. I don’t really care if tons of people see it. :slight_smile:

Pattern Central may be a good forum to post it in.

I’d say start with posting the FO in our WHATCHA KNITTING forum! Post the photos, along with a few details about the yarn used, etc.

Then post the pattern details in our PATTERNS forum. Along with photos again.

IMPORTANT: Post a LINK in each forum post. So when I’m looking at your design in our WHATCHA KNITTING forum…I can click over to your pattern details in our PATTERNS forum…and vice versa!

Can’t wait to see it!