How should I knit the following row please ?

Hi . I have just completed a row with Picot. Knit one, yarn forward , knit 2 together etc. on the return row do I knit where the yarn was taken forward or is that dropped down and only knit the knitted stitch. Sorry, I am confused.

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Hi and welcome to KH. What pattern are you using? I’m not seeing that you’re creating picots. Is that what the pattern calls them? I’d hazard a guess that you will either or knit or purl into the yarn over (yo) from the previous row (the result of yfwd before the k2tog) creating eyelets. The pattern should say how to treat them on the next row. Otherwise I’d assume that if it’s a purl row, purl the yarn overs; a knit row, knit them.

The yo adds a stitch and the k2tog balances it out so your stitch count will remain the same.

eta No need to be sorry. Being confused is totally normal and asking for help here makes sense. I’m glad you asked!


Is the pattern working a picot hem like this video?


Thank you. That makes sense. It is for a dolls cardigan but I have never knitted a Picot design before.

Could you share a link to the pattern, or it’s name and the designer? @OffJumpsJack’s thought that you’re doing a hem never occurred to me but could be what the pattern wants.

Really like this video. Makes me want to try this. It is such a pretty edge

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