How should I apply color?

I don’t know if this is a silly question but when you want to make a variegated yarn how do you put on the color? Do you put it in bands? On the knitty tutorial it said put it in wedges, I’m not very clear on that. I’m going for something kind of like what I pictured in the first pic. Should I apply dye like in the second pic? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you do stripes that narrow, you’ll end up with tiny bits of color. I would say do 4-5" sections of color… then you’ll end up with 4-5" of each color as you knit through the yarn.

Yeah yer sections need to be bigger. When I do dyeing, I put large chunks of yarn in a jelly jar full of color then separate out another chuck into another jar of color and so on. Then when you unwind the hank you get nice long stripes of color. GOod luck

This is incredibly inspirational for me – I’ve got 15 or 20 skeins of natural Wool of the Andes and just started thinking about dyeing them (getting tired of knitting dull, white sweaters)…

What are your favorite dye brands you all use?

I had pretty good success with Wilton’s food coloring paste and vinegar. I use Pro-Chemical dyes now–the color variety is staggering (93, I think?).

How much vinegar did you use with the wiltons cake coloring???

I used half a cup for 100g of yarn. Try to simmer the yarn for at least 30 minutes since prolonged heat sets the dye. If the color bleeds when you rinse the yarn, simmer it again and use another half a cup. To avoid having to simmer the yarn again, you might also try adding a bit of vinegar to the water you soak the yarn in before dyeing, then add the half cup to the dyebath. I didn’t try that method, but I think it will work.

Ok, so apply large strips of color. Now I think I’m getting this.

I have another question: if I’m dying all one color and doing it on the stovetop, should I put the yarn in before I turn on the heat or wait until the mixture is heated before putting in yarn? And do you bring it to a boil?

Thanks for being patient with me, I just want to make sure I’m doing things right.

this is how i dye mine…

and this is what it turns out to be

pixie knits that is such a cute set!

kaydee- here is what i do. i have dyed both superwash and lionbrand lion wool this way (and i didn’t felt it) i first soak the yarn in very hot tap water with a generous splash of vinegar (1/4-1/2 cup per skein) let it soak. get your dye pot ready. fill it, but leave room for your yarn. add more vinegar (same amount, but more won’t hurt either) to the pot. turn on your stove to medium heat. when water is steaming hot, add your color. that will vary depending on the look you are going for and what you are using to dye with. if you are using a solid dye (i.e. food color gels <wiltons> kool-aid, powder dye) make sure to stir well so it is completely disolved! then i take the yarn out of the bowl it has been soaking in, and squeez excess water out (but not all, you want some left in) and add to your pot. let it soak until the water is clear. (you can leave the heat on low, but i turn it off after 5 minutes of heat and let it cool slowly) rinse and hang to dry! The most important thing when handling feltable wool is don’t aggitate it much! be gentle and stir your pot just a little to make sure the yarn is evenly coated/ HTH :mrgreen:

KnitPicks has a good tutorial on Kool-Aid dying, too. You actually shouldn’t need vinegar with Kool-Aid, but it can’t hurt.

Thanks Jeanius, I think I’m finally clear on what to do. I just wanted to make sure that I had everything right so I don’t mess up and felt my yarn!

I’ve done the KoolAid dyeing and used no vinegar. Made a small baby sweater for a god-daughter using Cherry, Grape, Orange, and Lemon:

anything with citric acid won’t need vinegar, so most drink mixes used in dyeing you wont have to add the vinegar.

Pixieknits and Carrie, I love your colorways! Your FOs are so cute!