How Remove Scorch Marks from Afghan?


I just finished a beautiful crocheted baby blanket using 100% acrylic yarn (from Michael’s). I had to iron it to straighten the piece. Apparently, the iron was too hot and it left a 4" x 2" scorch mark. It looks like dirt and I keep wanting to brush it off. It’s also a very rough area now. It looks like the yarn melted.

I can re-crochet the edging but not the main part of the scorched area without affecting the integrity of the piece. It affects about 10 rows.

I’ve searched the internet for how to remove it and nothing works. I tried submerging the burned area in cold water for an hour; I also tried hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) on a crocheted scorched swatch and nothing changed.

Any ideas? Thank you.

I don’t think there is anything you can do.
Like you said, the yarn is melted.

You could’ve steamed it instead of ironing.

Since it is plastic, it is melted and not stained. If you have more of the same yarn, it is possible to repair the damage by replacing the stitches. A repair can be done by cutting out the melted stitches and weaving in new yarn to replace the removed stitches. If it is near or at the top (last row) that would be easiest. If it is along the starting chain, then that would be a bit more teadious to complet the last row of the patch and weave it into the bottom of the undamaged row above the patch. I’ve done this type of repair myself with a fan stitch afghan that my dog chewed.

I had found a website that gave [B][U]instructions on repairing crocheted[/U][/B]* items. I’ll look again and come back to edit this when I find it. Or you can search for crochet repair. [Edited, I found the site again. It shows pictures of a DC pattern that was cut and repaired. The in-process pic’s use a contrasting color for clarity.

What type of stitch pattern did you use? Is the pattern online?

[B][U]Here[/U][/B] are repair instructions from eHow.

Oh NO! Sorry that happend to you! There isn’t any way that you will be able to remove the burned part without getting rid of the yarn that is burned. Maybe next time if your piece is curling, etc, try washing it and throwing it in the dryer…that always seems to help.

Oh no… so sorry! Next time just toss it in the washer and dryer to even things out. Acrylic is best not ironed or it ‘kills’ it.