How quick is knitpicks shipping?

I want to order yarn right now, but was wondering how quick they usuall are. I’m in Chicago :slight_smile:

I’m in northern IL and it usually take 3-5 days for me to get my KP orders. I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait more than a week. :smiley:

They are based in Wa. and I ordered my options kit on 12/1/06 and received my pkg on 12/06/06! I live in Va. Hope this helps you. Can’t promise, but for me, they were very fast!

i think they are actually in a few different places. I have had them take more than a week when i used their free shipping for stuff that i was in a hurry for. when i have had stuff i was in no hurry for it came quick as a wink. if i have reached the free shipping level i usually just pay the extra $7, or so, for 3 day select so i know when it is going to arrive. I think we have all had mixed results with the free shipping so it is very hard to say.


I’m in Texas and it takes about 2 weeks. Lucky that you are closer and will probably get your order sooner. The last time I ordered, I tracked the package and it sat for 3 days up North somewhere and 3 days in Dallas or here in Austin.

I’m in Texas and it takes about 2 weeks. Lucky that you are closer and will probably get your order sooner. The last time I ordered, I tracked the package and it sat for 3 days up North somewhere and 3 days in Dallas or here in Austin.

My last KP order came the next day. It helps that i placed my order early in the morning (about 7:30am), and it helps that i live 20 minutes away from their distribution plant.

My husband ordered the Options for me nearly two weeks ago and I’m still waiting. Tracking says they’re supposed to be here tomorrow, so we’ll see. It took less than 24 hours to go from Ohio to Orlando, FL, but it’s taken 4 days to get from Orlando to down here (we’re only about 3-4 hours from Orlando) :shrug: .

I live a couple hours away from one of thier shipping places here in OH and I’ve had it take a few days to 2wks with the free shipping… I got this e-mail on Dec 2nd from KP saying
to ensure delivery by Christmas orders must be placed no later than
Standard Shipping~ Dec. 7th 12pm EST
Expedited Shipping ~ Dec 19th 12pm EST
Gift Certificates ~ Dec 15th 12pm EST

My dh ordered my Options on Friday and paid the extra for 3day… he told me they are showing to come today and I’m not to open the box… I have to wait till the 25th :verysad:

The distribution center is in Grove City, OH. (for my area, anyway). My last order from there was shipped the next day, made it to Indianapolis that day, and sat there for three days :!!!: before it finally made the last 100 miles to Louisville. But I had my order in about a week. I don’t really expect much from free shipping.

My last knitpicks order took exactly 14 days (to Vancouver, Canada).

My most recent order is on day 11 (still waiting).

I think shipping in general is taking longer with the holidays approaching. I ordered from KP on the 6th and the package was shipped on the 7th, but I have no idea when it’ll get here. Historically it’s been less than a week, but I’ve had some USPS and fedex shipments take longer than usual in the past couple of weeks, both incoming and outgoing.

ETA: My package arrived this morning – this is probably the longist it’s taken for me to get something from them – a bit over a week.

It depends on how bad you want the order; the more you want it, the longer it takes. I’m going to place my next order saying: “You know, I don’t care if these EVER get here…”

I ordered my options the week before the American Thanksgiving and they arrived the Monday after. I live in Canada, in Windsor, right off the border so I am guessing I am not too far from the shipping area from what I’ve heard. I was hoping they would make it over the border before the holiday, but considering it was a Holiday week, the timing was amazing.

I’m in Texas, and my shipping took 12 days; it FELT like an eternity.

It sounds like the location thing is definitely a factor.

I’m in Texas too, and usually I get it within a week or less :shrug:

I just got an order Friday, that I paid extra for 2 day ($14) and got it in two days exactly (whew!). I ordered by phone on Wednesday morning I think before 10. It was worth it for me, I got a very late start on some holiday projects :oops:

Good luck!

When I did standard shipping it took a few days to get my order. I didn’t count, but it was probably 4 days or so. Hubby ordered me the Options yesterday at 1pm and he paid an extra $8 for shipping and he said they were delivered today! Now that’s the fastest shipping I think I’ve ever gotten. :cheering:

Yeah, I would say don’t get the free shipping. I’ve been stalking the tracking info because it said they’d be here today and they’re not here. I called FedEx and they can’t tell me where it’s at and KnitPicks won’t help because it can take up to 14 days to get here :!!!: . I’m not a happy knitter right now!

When I did free shipping, it took 13 very long days to get here… so when I ordered my options earlier today I opted for 3 day shipping. Maybe if I’m lucky, when I get home, I’ll find out they shipped!