How oo I convert a flat sock pattern to magic loop?

I am knitting a bunch of stockings for Christmas presents and am heartily sick of knitting them flat then sewing up the seam lol.

Can anyone help me convert this pattern into a magic loop toe up?

It’s the Lion Brand Wool-Ease Christmas Pattern. Now to access it on Lion Brands site you have to have a used id and password sorry :frowning: but the pattern is this one.

Lion Brand® Wool-Ease

Any help I can get would be so appreciated as I’m really really not good at figuring these things out.

Thanks soooo much!

Could you please edit your post to take out the entire pattern and just put in a link to it? Even though it’s a free pattern, Lion owns it and they don’t take kindly to having their patterns reposted.

I’m sorry I can’t help you other than to suggest you double the CO sts and join in the round, and the WS rows would be done in reverse order and the sts reversed. I don’t knit socks so wouldn’t have an idea how to do the heel shaping.

Perhaps someone else has a pattern for a Christmas stocking already knit in the round that would be a good substitute.

pattern removed and link put in without www as I can’t attach links yet. Thanks for your response though

Thanks, here’s the full link -

I forgot about the new poster no link limitation; we do that so spammers can’t just do drive by postings to link a site. And I thought you were an older poster, didn’t look at the post count.


although I use

exclusively now for toes.

what I do is cast-on approximately 1/4 of the total amount of stitches for Judy’s Magic Cast-On, you can do more or less for a pointier or wider toe. for 54 (I believe this is the foot number, modify if needed, I sort of skimmed the pattern for the pertinent numbers,) I would do 13(26), increase up to 27(54), then you can start the directions for the foot until desired length. I like to work 4-6 rows of stockinette after the toe increases are completed before beginning any pattern/colorwork. Then, use the calculator/pattern from Knitty to formulate your heel, and continue from there. Since it’s not being worn, the only important thing is having the correct amount of stitches to work the colorwork pattern and such, so you can use the calculator from Knitty as a guide for heel and toe and fudge as needed, but that should give you a pretty good basis. Let me know if I can help further!