How old are you?

Just wanted to see our age ranges here.

I wondered about the ages myself… Good question. I bet i am the oldest one on KH… :thumbsup:

I have so many young minds that can help me on KH :heart:

I’ve known from day one that I was surrounded here by a bunch of youngins! :mrgreen:

What a good idea!

So many people look at me weirdly because I knit! I’m only 23!

My dd’s 21, and I simply cannot interest her in learning to knit! :?eyebrow:

Im 34. I plan to resist turning 35 in October.

Kelly, with your babyface, you could easily pass for 24! :shock:

Will you marry me, Renna? I mean in a platonic, non-lesbian, long-distance romance kind of way??? :inlove:

As flattered as I am, Kelly, I don’t think I could live with the stigma of being a cradle robber. :rofling:

Well… at least that was the most of your worries in that relationship :shifty:

HEY! :mad: Id be a PERFECT platonic non-lesbian long-distance much-younger girlfriend!!! Im FUN and I like kittens and long walks on the beach!!

I’m 29 and holding.

Turning 29 in 2 weeks. :smiley:

Well… at least that was the most of your worries in that relationship :shifty:[/quote]

Well, that and the long distance thing. :roflhard:

I’m 36 but feel 26… I hope to high heaven I inherited my mom’s genes, she just turned 63, she runs 5 miles 5 times a weeks, is a size 4 and looks 15 years younger than her age. :happydance:
Picture a gal like Sharon Osbourne only without the accent and expletives… :roflhard:
KK, I decided when I turned 35 last year, to lie about my age when the opportunity to do so presents itself… :wink:

I’m 25 getting older doesn’t bother me but my dh wishes he could have stayed 17 :rollseyes:

I’ve been 39 for the last 16 years.

Hey, Jackie, you’ve been 39 6 years longer than me. :mrgreen:

Well how does it feel to be one of the “young uns” Rennegale?

Smack, smack…give me a minute to pop this bubble, and I’ll tell you. :rofling: