How old are you all?

Well everyone, two of us people from KH finally met up on knitchat. During our convo i was very surprised to find our how young my chat friend was. So i was wondering what the average age of a knitter may be? Don’t answer if it offends!!!

I’ll start :yay: 23 :yay:


35 here

35 for me!:hair:

But a YOUNG 56!:woot:

I’m 33!

This is great! Lets hear some more!

This has been asked many times…check this thread. :wink:

I’m 25. Yippee!

ahem 32, but soon to be 33.
Thankfully I look 25, lol :slight_smile:

28, but i look like i’m 18 (20 on a good day :roflhard:).

A very very young 65:woot:

I’m 23!

28 :hiding:

I’m 30 but people think i’m still in high school. i think its my height. i’m only 5 and weigh 100lbs.

We must be averaging out, lol. I’m an ancient 31!

45 going on 102.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=blue][I]45 for me–I remember when I thought this was “so old” lol. :passedout:[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I just turned 30 on Saturday. Woohoo.

29 here…