How much!

Do some people thing that We normal people would spent this much money on yarn (385.50) just to make ONE sweater.

I love the yarn (Tilli Tomas) the way the color look.
the yarn is just lovey:heart::heart: But I don’t care Who are you (Tilli) Did she go up in a space ship to get it??

HOLY MOLY !! $385 and then you still have to knit it yourself !! For that it should come with some incredibly hansome man to cook dinner, do your laundry, vacuum and scrub the bathroom while you sit and knit.

Oh, my Lord above. There is no way I could ever afford that much for one sweater. For that much money, I could lots of other yarn, and be much happier. Some people are crazy. I am quite convinced.

There is no way I would ever been able to rationalize (and I’m good at this) that much $ for a garment.

I start to sweat when the yarn total for a sweater comes to $70. And I have pretty expensive taste… but I’m a very good shopper and normally manage to find a deal…