How Much?

I have both set of Boye’s and Denises…I LOVE my denises but HATE my boyes.

We are having a garage sale tomorrow and I am thinking of putting my boye’s in the sale. Thing is they are pricey and I don’t want to give them away. I am hoping to get another set of Denises or give the new KNitPicks interchangables a try.

I have only used them a handful of times and they are in perfect condition.

I’m not sure I’ve seen them go as little as 35.00 on ebay others might have seen less… but you might try selling them on the sell/swap forum on here… :thumbsup:

I just bought a set on e-bay for $18 including shipping, and I thought that was a heck of a steal. I’d say at least $25, but you may not get that at a yard sale. If they don’t sell, then I’d say post them on e-bay or on here and you could get a higher price. BTW, I didn’t even want them, but at that price, I had to buy them - I’m such a loser. :roflhard:

yeah i don’t think you are going to get your best price at a yard sale. i would either go with ebay or the swap/sell forum here too.

I totally agree, I don’t think you will get very much $ for them @ the yard sale. You will inevitably have someone ask you to reduce the price to .75, then, if it were me…I would have to use all of the $ I’d raised @ the yard sale for bail money bc I had knocked out the person that asked me to reduce the price of my wonderful needles to .75 :shock: