How Much Yarn...?

How much yarn do you think I would need to make 9 x 7 inch square? I have a ball of yarn about 3-4 inches in diameter, would that be enough? And what size needles should I use?

It all depends what thickness your yarn is - a thick yarn will have less yardage in that size ball than a thin yarn. Take out some needles about twice the thickness of the yarn and start knitting.

I would say its about medium, but I am a beginner so I don’t really know about all the different sizes. Thank you very much:mrgreen:

Then it’s probably a worsted weight and you would use needles from about size 8 to 10. With the larger needles you need less stitches to get the measurement you want, so that stretches out the yardage you’ve got. You should get about 4 sts/inch so cast on 4x9 - about 36 sts and knit until it’s 7". If you get there it’s fine, if not, you can undo it and use the yarn for something else.