How much yarn would this take?


Sorry to be back asking more questions…

I’ve settled on this pattern as my next project

but as it’s a “fit as you go” it doesn’t give the number of balls needed. The Ravelry chart advises 600 to 1,200 yards.

Is there any way I can find out how many balls to buy (I’ll be following the instructions for the size given) or has anyone ever knit one?


There’s there’s such a large range in the yardage because it depends on what size you are; she says the pattern fits her at a 34" bust, so you’d probably want about 700-900 yds. On her actual project page, she wrote that she used about 5 balls, or 850 yds and a size 9 needle. You would need a little more if you have longer sleeves. The number of balls depends on how many yards in each ball.

What would I do without you, thanks!!

Now I can scratch my itch to knit!