How much yarn would i need to make a sport weight?

There is a few different colors in this that i would like to use possibly to make my wedding dress.It calls for sport weight though and i cant find sport weight in the colors i like.

How many balls would i need to make a sport weight? I was thinking 3. but for sport weight its calls for 8 balls equally to 2760 yards for all the balls together to make the dress with the sport weight.

what can i get away with doing with this yarn? heres the link for it. I like the colors B071, C3134, and D2004 in the link below. heres the wedding dress i will be making. Which color would look best for it?

i found these two yarns i like. i would have to double or triple them though to make them a sport weight. i sound some blush/champagne color blend. the first link is for 90% merino and 10% cashmere and the second one is 100% fine merino.

No idea. You’d have to do a gauge swatch or three. This is a garment that requires a precise fit so you’ll need to do a gauge swatch in any case, but especially if you’re changing yarn weight. No one knits just like you so you’ll need to swatch to find out for sure.