How much yarn to roving?

forgive me if this is a dumb question, but how much yarn do you get out of roving? My spindling class isn’t until July and I’d just like an idea. I know that 50 grams of WW yarn usually yields between 98 and 120 yards… but that doesn’t mean much to me… wait, i get stupider. does that mean it took 50 grams of roving to make say 110 yards? so in order to make 1000 yards, you’d need like 500 grams of roving? now i know certain fibers are more dense than others but i’m really just curious here. already obsessing over roving shops online. :wink: thanks!

There are a lot of variables that play into how much yardage you’ll get out of roving, but here is a site with some good explanation of how to estimate yardage.