How much yarn is needed for casting off?

Hello everyone. I’m new to knitting and I’m just finishing up my first project…a baby blanket for my niece. The blanket is 36inches wide and I’m wondering how much yarn I need to cast/bind off. I read that when changing yarn balls you’re supposed to be able to go the width of whatever you’re making 4 times for one row…I checked and the yarn I have left goes the width of the blanket 6 times. The blanket is 3 colors and the first 2 are about 12 inches long, but the final color for some reason ended up a few inches shorter (even though it’s the same size skein). Do I have enough yarn to do one more row or am I better off just casting off with the amount of yarn I have left? Any assistance is appreciated. :slight_smile:

The ‘4 times the width of one row’ rule depends a lot on what needle size you’re using. A large needle will take more than a smaller one. It’s a lot more accurate to figure out how much it takes to actually work one row, then you need about 1½ times that for the BO because it should be a little looser than when you work the row. I’d say bind off now, you probably don’t have enough to do a row and BO. Better to have a couple yards over than 12" too little.

Thanks! That was actually what I was worried about that I would run out of yarn, but I thought it would be better to ask somebody that knows more about knitting. I guess I should have mentioned that I’m using 10inch rounded needles before though. I just hated to waste yarn since I’m already short with this color to begin with. Thanks so much for your help!