How much yarn for an etsy shop?

I have been getting more serious about starting an etsy shop, but the only thing i seem to be unsure of, is how much yarn should i start with?
should i stick with one weight of yarn (like sock, or aran) or offer multiple weights? and should i offer a few (like 3?) skeins at a time in a lot of colorways, or more skeins less color choices?
I am also thinking of selling some handspun once i get good at it.

                                      any advice and opinions will be helpful! Thanks in advance!

in all my etsy lurking, i’ve learned that there’s no hard and fast rule about what/how much you should have in your shop. i think it’s just basically whatever you want to put in it. i would definitely include some sock yarn in different colorways. worsted is good, too. if you have the same colorway in different weights, you could just list one of them and mention in the description that it’s available in other weights and you can put them up reserved/sold if someone is interested. i’ve seen that in a couple of shops. have you thought of doing a theme/collection? i really like looking at those.

i haven’t thought out a theme really, but perhaps a elements theme (since i did just dye “winter” and “embers”) or a flowers theme (you can see pics on my blog). i was thinking 3 skeins in each color, four elements and four flowers, two weights, sock and worsted. do you think the worsted should be superwash or feltable?:muah:

when in doubt, do both!!!
i love those pics on your blog. when you said “here’s the inspiration,” the first thing that came to mind was “the inspiration for dying yarn.” i think it’s a great idea!

i just thought of something. you might want to consider dying some silk or something else that isn’t wool. lots of people have really bad wool allergies. (oh, i don’t mean just silk/non-wool yarn, just a skein or two.) my grandmother is allergic to animal fibers and i’ve been looking all over the net for some silk to make her something lacey for christmas.

would you consider taking special orders on your etsy? if people know they can get exactly what they want, they may be even more willing to put the money on the table. just a thought. [SIZE=“1”](once i get started, it seems like i never stop. :roll:)[/SIZE]

Hi’ya Jeanie! :waving: I like lots of options in an Ebay shop…so that would double for an Etsy shop! One thing that always “hooks” me is: when a shop offers a better “per skein” price for purchasing a “pack of”. I always get the pack in those cases. Also, it wouldn’t matter if the “pack” was 3, 5, 7 or 10. I would get the pack that best suited my yardage needs.

Also, regarding your comments (on your blog)about KP Harmony Options: I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. I would be more enthusiastic about Harmony if they were in solid colors. Even if they were offered in ALL WARM WOOD colors, and RAINBOW SWIRL as another option. Color coding the sizes would also be nice.

I [U]almost ordered [/U]some of the tips…then I thought: I think I would get sick of looking at the Rainbow Swirl while I am knitting…especially since I use a lot of multi-colored yarn…like NORO, for example.

So, I backed out. I wish they had solid wood colors for an OPTION for their new wood series. I wouldn’t care if the wood color was light, medium or dark…or even ebony.

But the RAINBOW swirl is just too much eye candy for me.
I like to focus my eyes on my yarn colors. The two together would be TOO MUCH for me. :eyes:

Maybe they will offer solid wood colors if RAINBOW SWIRL doesn’t get the number of orders they anticipated. I’m holding out.

thanks for the suggestions! i would totally be up for custom orders, even someone sending me pic for inspiration with notes about the colors they like! how cool!

I think offering a discount on larger orders would absolutely be do-able.

right now i don’t have much in the way of bare yarns, just a few skeins of the superwash/nylon fingering from KP (and i dyed most of it…)

I am ordering some BFL sock through a coop, but i fear that won’t get here until the end of october.:frowning:

i think i will talk to DH about getting a business license so i can order wholesale from wool2dye4…

miss violet- those pictures are inspiration for dyeing :wink: and i would love to offer handdyed non-wool yarns. the only problem is cotton and non animal fibers take a different method… i’d have to study up :slight_smile: but silkdyes up prrrettty just like wool:heart: