How much yarn do I need?

Ok, this may be a silly question, but I just have no idea! Say I wanted to make a simple seed stitch scarf for someone; how do I know how much yarn I need? I feel so silly asking this! I swear, it’s probably something really obvious… thank you so much for your help!!

Rule of three. Each stitch takes 3 times as much yarn as the stitch is wide.

So think how big you want to make it first…

Say 6" wide, so each row would take 18" of yarn. Multiply that by the number of rows and you have the yardage for yarn.

If you don’t know how many rows per inch, test a gauge swatch first and go from there.


Hope that helps.

There is a little booklet you can buy called The Knitters Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements that gives estimates, you can also check out pattern sites like and find similar patterns that use yarns in a similar gauge to yours for an idea.

It totally depends on the yarn gauge and the size you want the scarf. It could be anywhere from 100 yards to 1000 yards.

However, for a standard worsted weight yarn, and an average good sized scarf, 300 to 400 yards would be plenty. :thumbsup: