How Much to Charge?

Someone asked me how much I would charge to knit some of these for her to use in a play she is the costume director for:

It took me 5 hours of knitting time to knit one of these. The price would need to include the Red Heart yarn I would use. Since she’s not sure how many wigs she would need for this production, I thought I would charge her per wig.

PLEASE help me! I never know how much to charge for my creations. Any ideas/tips??

Thanks so much!

You better contact the designer before you even think of selling them. Even free patterns are protected and not all designers will allow you to make a profit on their design. I wouldn’t do it without approval and keep the email.

IF she approves then you need to figure out how much your time is worth. If you charge $10 hr that’s $50 per wig without even factoring in the yarn. Most people won’t pay that.

THANKS Jan!! I didn’t even think of that. Now I have to figure out how to reach her!


There are 2 ways of looking at this

[B][U]1 - Money[/U][/B]

You are doing this for profit so you have to calculate the cost of all your inputs, calculate a profit margin and there is your price.


5 hours = $25 ( lets say 5$ per hour )
Pattern = $10
Wool = $30
Total = $65
Profit = $6.50 (10%)

Final Price $71.50 ( excluding taxes)

[U][B]2 - Love[/B][/U]

You enjoy knitting and you are happy doing the work, and you see this as an opportunity to subsidise your habbit. Afterall if you arent knitting this you would probably be knitting something else right? So the time is free, since you would be knitting anyway. You would be knitting with some wool, but potentially cheaper wool, so if there is a difference you need to charge for that. Then if there are unavoidable costs like taxes or patterns you would need to include those.

Probably a better solution is get the buyer to buy the pattern and wool, you knit it for free and agree that they get you a gift for your time :slight_smile:

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Well, I tried sending the designer an email. BUT she still hasn’t gotten back to me. I don’t know what I should do next.


Make your own similar design. Do not copy directly and you wont breach intelectual property.

That way you get best of both worlds! :slight_smile:

Read this for further help

This is a tough situation because that pattern is specialized unlike say a hat. I don’t know. Honestly I wouldn’t do it because the problems associated with copyright. :shrug:

Well, here’s an update…

So far I’ve sent the pattern designer 2 messages; 1 on Ravelry and another one from a link on her pattern. Haven’t heard back from her at all!! I’m still not sure what to do.

Maybe my best option is to knit the wigs and have my friend buy me a gift card to JoAnns Fabric store as a gift?!? What about that option?

Any thoughts?

Well, I have tried to contact the designer of “Hallowig” and never heard back from her!

Sent her 2 emails, 1 Facebook message and 1 message on NOTHING!!! :frowning:

I did notice that her last Facebook message was from 1 year ago, so maybe she doesn’t get online very often. otoh, this is VERY frustrating since I would like to help my friend out but I’m stuck on waiting for this designer/blogger/etc… to get back to me.

What should I do next??

Honestly, I just don’t know. I looked on Ravelry for anything related to selling it and couldn’t find anyone using the words I chose. I used “sell”, “profit” and “craft show”.

Personally I probably wouldn’t do it, but that needs to be your call. If you keep copies (screen shot if necessary) of all your attempts to contact her you’ll at least have documentation of trying if you decide to do it. Gifting is probably completely acceptable … ahem… :wink:

Thanks Jan in CA!!! I still haven’t decided anything yet!! First, I want to find out exactly how many wigs are needed. That will help me in my decision. Thanks again for your help/tips!!

Decisions, decisions!

I think the vogue knittiting page I linked to in my previous message makes it pretty clear that for personal use it is absolutely not an issue.

So If you do the work for your friend as a gift and do no explicitly receive or request payment or benefits in return then you are fine.

If your friend then kindly decides to gift something to you then that is fine too. However you cant ask for anything. However it is ok for your friend to pay for the materials.

That is how I interpret this situation, especially when you cannot contact the pattern seller!

As it turned out, I told my friend that I would charge $40 per wig. She told me that was too much for her budget. So she decided to look elsewhere!

Problem solved! (from my standpoint anyway)
Thanks to everyone for your tips/hints!

I’m sorry to hear that

Sorry it didn’t work out, but glad you stayed with a reasonable offer and didn’t cave. :thumbsup: