How much to buy for stash?

Although I have a stash, I’ve never purchased yarn without knowing what I intended to do with it. In February I’ll be going skiing and to a farm with sheep and its own LYS. How much yarn should I buy when I have no idea what it will want to be? Any and all suggestions will be welcomed.

I would say that I have hardly ever bought yarn with a project in mind. With the exception of sock yarn - that is destined to be socks. :teehee: I just buy and buy and wait for the projects to come to me!! :roflhard:

:teehee: Depends on the cost! If it’s expensive, I’ll buy 2-3 skeins to make something small. If it’s cheap, I’ll buy 1600-2000 yards so I can make a sweater or jacket!

When I’m attracted to a yarn, I usually have a vague inkling of what it wants to be when it grows up. So I base my purchase on that. Basic yardage guidelines like this one can be very helpful in that repect. More here too.

Why not see if you can bring home a sheep?

Multipurpose, milk, all the wool you need, cuddles on cold nights?

I think that would be great :roflhard:

If only I could spin all the hair that I find in my hairbrush!!! :roflhard: Amazing how that starts after 55 or so! Fortunately I have very thick hair; otherwise I’d be bald.

Thanks y’all for the suggestions. Those sites are very helpful.

This is a must have for all knitters!

It’s the size of a brochure so you can stick it in your purse. Or photocopy it and fold it up to carry along. When you find a yarn you like, look at the guide to determine how much yarn you need for the appropriate project. Expensive yarn? Maybe it’s best for a little project. Or is a wonderful yarn on sale? Get enough for a whole sweater!

It’s a life saver! :slight_smile:

Excellent! I put it on my Wishlist! (I may get it sooner though :wink: )

Thanks, silver. I’ve seen that brochure at my LYS and wondered whether it was worthwhile. I’ll get it ASAP. Thanks again, everyone.

I have been looking for these links forever, THANK YOU :muah:

I too have just bought yarn with a vague idea of what it will be … I want to make three throws so have the yarn for that but have yet to start any … I have some scarf yarn … I have baby blanket yarn for the new grandbaby due in March … I have acrylic for a dog blanket … but usually I have an idea what I want to make from it …

Great sites on yardage.


Oh my god, I’d have to put a limit on my spending. I have a terrible time not buying yarn even if I don’t “need” it. One of our LYS is closing which makes me sad but the discounts are incredible so I’ve had to stop going in there, I’ve already spent way too much money. Cindy

It is a compulsion I cannot help… every time I go to the store, I must buy yarn. I never need it, but I really “NEED” it! I usually buy at least 4 skeins of whatever color/kind(s) that call my name. I never have any idea what it will be used for, but I like to have it because I know it will get used for something at some point.

I second that motion.