How much time do you spend on knitting per week?

Given all knitting related activities you’re involved with each day, what would you say is the average amount of time you devote to it?

This is including time spent reading and talking about the subject.

6 hours maybe. Most of that is Tuesday and Friday knitting groups I go to. I often go days without knitting at home unless I have a time sensitive project.

Including time spent reading and talking – maybe two hours? Not very much.

Every other week my daughter and I go to a knitting group for about an hour, and I browse for about 10 or 15 minutes, most weekdays. I don’t carry my knitting around with me anymore and I still don’t knit much at home, so it’s much less than it used to be.

I knit about 1-2 hours per day. Then I look at patterns and read/talk about knitting with friends a couple hours per week. I like to read knitting fiction books and knitting mysteries.

So that adds up to approximately 15 hours a week. My kids/husband will tell you (in their opinion) it’s all day every day. But who’s asking them?? Lol


Probably about an hour a day during the week and maybe 2hours each on Sat. and Sun. So about 9 hours a week? Hmmm, that’s more than I would have guessed.

Not enough!! Also, I get side-tracked on some projects because I’m asked to knit for someone else. I’m still trying to finish a jacket for myself I started 2 years ago :roll: