How much of a pain is this to do?

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000] I knit a bottom-up raglan sweater for my son. Well, I followed the pattern and it was stockinette for 6 rows and then one row of purling. It curls up 6". Even with the purl row. Can’t block it. I knit it with crappy wool-ease so it could be washable. Can I tear-out the cast-on row and rip/cut it out and lengthen it and change the bottom hem? How much of a pain in the butt is it?

You can add a bottom hem or ribbing just by picking up stitches along the bottom and knitting down.

TRY a “speed bump” or two.
Pick up a round of stitches, then immediately cast them off.

I have done this several times. I cut & pull a thread in the lowest stocking stitch row. then pick up and work down from there. Not difficult. Can unravel plain backwards, but some other stitches won’t, not sure about garter st.

I recently cut out my Cast On row and tried to unravel about 2 inches of ribbing. It was a pain. My stitches just wouldn’t undo themselves (which I guess is the way it is when you’re frogging bottom-up), so there was a lot of cutting and a lot of un-weaving stitch by stitch. Sticking in a needle in a destination row was a life saver (Amy has a great video on this). If you’re just planning on un-doing the CO and not ripping further then it shouldn’t be TOO difficult.

I’m not 100% sure if this is how your pattern goes or if you’ve already done this, but, I think you’re supposed to fold in the bottom 6 rows of stockinette along the purl row, and then baste/sew it down on the inside. That type of hem always prevents curling for me.

:doh:I read your question as that you knit 6" and then had a purl row.

Simplethings is right. That purl row is your turning row. You fold up along that and sew up your hem.

Alright. It’s all fixed! I ran my needle through a line of stitches, ripped it back, knit it to the length I liked and added 2" of ribbing. Perfect! Thanks everyone!!!

Simplethings, I like your solution! I always dream up the most complicated things possible.