How much of a hassle is it for you to go vote?

Did you all read about the couple that flew all the back from India to New York just to vote? Despite their best efforts, their absentee ballots never arrived, so they took a 22 hour flight, which cost them $5000, just to be able to vote in the US for the first time after becoming citizens last year. I read about it in the New York Times.

They said even though NY is already going to go for their candidate of choice, they still felt it was important enough to participate in the process. Her quotes: [I] “Then you’re relying on other people to do your job.”[/I] [B][I]“Apathy doesn’t work in a democracy.”[/I][/B]

Makes some of our excuses for not getting out seem pretty lame by comparison.

Everybody get out there and VOTE! :woohoo:Let your voice be heard!

Yay! I agree! VOTE!!! It’s extremely important! It will affect our whole nation!! Every vote counts!

It is a duty & an honor to vote! I’m looking forward to voting this year! Bug asked if they could go vote with me, which would have been fun if our schedules had matched.

We take the ability to vote for granted in this country. It is our hard earned right to vote and our duty to honor those who fought so hard for us to have this ability, to vote. I had to use an absentee ballot this year but I still voted.

My son’s school held a mock election last Tuesday. They had booths set up and they got to go in and vote for who they wanted and different issues that are up in the community.

He came home sooooooo excited and proudly showed his sticker with I voted today.

I was going to go vote early on Saturday but had unexpected company so I’m going to go tomorrow with my daughter and vote. :thumbsup:

In our recent election in Canada they had recently changed some of the locations of the polling stations. One of the polling stations was at a church that I could literally see from our front door. We assumed that this church was our polling station, but no. We had to vote several blocks away at a completely different place. It was a little silly if you ask me!

I always took my daughter with me when I voted and she is now voting in her first presidential election. I think it helped instill in her how important it is to vote. That’s awesome…

I became a naturalized citizen in 1997 and remember my very first time voting. I was a nervous wreck, and I babbled about it as I entered the polling station. The retired folks who were volunteering that day got a kick out of helping me out and made a big to-do over my children, who had accompanied me. I was so proud.

My current polling station is just down the road…very convenient. Although I’ll be subbing on Tuesday, I’ll head on over to vote after I get off. I purposely did not do early voting because I felt like it would be like celebrating Christmas early. I love that I can be an active part of the big day.

My polling station is within walking distance, just one street over (and the same street my daughter’s school is on). I walk my daughter to school, with my son, then my son and I go to the polling station so I can vote. And he gets all happy because he doesn’t have to do anything and he gets a sticker…lol

I’ll be working at a polling place again this year - and giving out the ‘I Voted’ stickers is the best part of the job. I always make sure all the kids get one along with their parents.

My polling station is on the way to work and I’ll vote first thing before work tomorrow. I too get a little giddy on voting day. It really makes me feel patriotic and it’s always a rush at the polling station because no matter who voted for whom everyone seems to be in a good mood, happy and smiling. Now, Wednesday on the other hand…:wink:

My polling station is literally just down the road - no excuse NOT to vote! I made sure sinc eI had just moved here over the summer to register to vote ASAP and got everything taken care of well before the deadline so that I could participate in the election. I believe it’s my civic duty to exercise the rights I am provided by this country. And I WILL be voting!!

My 5 year old wants to go with me to vote so we will go before school tomorrow, He will love the sticker. I’m really proud to take him. As a woman I think it’s so important to vote because the sufferance movement wasn’t that long ago and those women risked so much so we can have that privilege!!!

Everyone go vote!!!:woot:

I moved from Florida to Utah over the summer and was unable to register to vote here because we can’t get Utah driver’s licenses yet. You need 2 documents verifying your address and approved documents are things such as bank statements (for some reason, the credit union we use, although I’m on the account, doesn’t list me on the statement, just my husband) or mortgage papers. We don’t have a house so no mortgage papers for us. There were a couple of other forms of documentation that we don’t have, either. Oddly enough, the local library ALSO requires such address verification to get a library card.

ANYWAY, I didn’t mean to get off on a tangent, my point is that my husband and I ended up voting absentee ballots. My husband actually applied for his ballot online and I ended up calling a couple weeks later to order mine (I changed my name over the last year and it’s recommended you call and actually speak to someone for that situation.) It’s a good thing I did! My ballot came in the mail and there wasn’t one for my husband. He called and the request had never gone through! Luckily the phone call got it straightened out and his ballot arrived a few days later.

We then ended up waiting a little too long to fill them out, because we wanted to opinion of my parents (who also live in Florida) on some of the amendments, so we were waiting for them to get their sample ballots. We finally ended up sending the ballots back in last week. We sent them Priority. :teehee:

In my state (WA) we have mail-in voting, so I already sent mine in. Very convenient. I would’ve done just about anything to get to the polls if I had had to, though.

Wow! Way to be persistent, JustAFloridaGirl!

That’s pretty unfortunate all that Utah makes you go through just to register.

We sent in our absentee ballots weeks ago. :thumbsup:

Like Ladyfirelyght I live in Wa state and voted by mail. I voted several weeks ago. I drop our ballots off at the local library as I don’t trust the mail entirely. Our local post office is not real good at getting the right mail to the right address and sometimes things I mail may not get there for quite a long time. The libraries here have a padlocked drop off box in the parking lot where you can drop off ballots. The county picks up daily and last pickup is at 8pm election night.
Woohoo it’s almost over!

We have early voting here so I took advantage of that. Still had to wait 1 1/2 hrs though. Figured it was quicker than the 4th!!

the only obstacles I have to voting are which kid do I take to the polls with me, and what time to arrive
I actually like to go after school and bring a snack for the people working the polling place

Have a great Election day all you fab Knitters