How much does ribbing weigh?

I am knitting Baudelaire, they’re toe-up, ending with an inch of ribbing. I haven’t done socks before and also haven’t yet acquired the ability to look at a ball of wool and know its parameters. I’m still hoping…

They’re in Rowan 4-ply Soft (thank God I used a wool you guys will know!). Has anyone got an inch of ribbing knitted up in this? I wish… Failing that, a guess re. meterage or weight. No matter how much of a guess it is for you, it’s helpful because I really haven’t the foggiest. I promise to take estimates with a grain of salt. Does anyone have a leftover from a ball of similar weight that they think is equivalent to enough for x inches of ribbing? They’re knitted at 8spi.

If anyone can point me in the right direction - say you think it will take about 3 grams - then I’ll weigh my balls (giggle) and know to start ribbing when I have that much left (I’ll be safe and go with a bit more, like 4).

If I guess, I’ll have to err on the safe side, which will mean I won’t get the most of this gorgeous pattern! Any help really appreciated


Does the pattern give yardage for the yarn that it calls for? It should be pretty easy to compare the called for yarn yardage with the 4 ply soft yardage to see if you have enough yarn. And alot easier than guessing the amount of yarn used just in the ribbing. 4 ply wool should weigh the same, so 50grams of Jaeger 4 ply wool should be dead on with 50 grams of rowan 4 ply wool when it comes to yardage.


:?? does ribbing really weigh any more than standard knitting?

could you
1)weigh your sock
2)knit one inch of sock
3)weigh your sock
4)subtract your weights

wouldn’t that tell you roughly how much and inch of ribbing would weigh?
if it doesn’t tell you exactly, I think it would give you a really close number…

The ribbing is 12 rows. Take your yarn and wrap it around your needle once for each stitch in one row. Unwrap and measure that length of yarn. Multiply it by 12 (one for each row), once more for the bind off, and once more to be safe (so 14 times). That’s the amount of yarn you need for the ribbing and bind off. :slight_smile:

Thanks all, I’ll go with the wrapping