How Much Do You Pay for Yarn?

Hello all,
Since my goal for senior year seems to be to incorporate knitting into every class I take, I’ve convinced my statistics teacher that surveying knitters for our class project is an excellent plan. The idea is to find out how much knitters from knitting websites like knittinghelp usually spend on one skein/hank/ball of yarn and compare that to what the Craft Yarn Council of America says knitters in general usually spend. So, if you don’t mind, would you please fill it out? It should only take a couple minutes, and it’s all in the interest of education after all. Of course I’ll be posting the results when it’s done. Here’s the link and thanks so much!

A couple minutes?? That took like 3 seconds :rofl:

Glad to have helped! :thumbsup:

It’s just one quick question… Good luck w/ stats… took it in college… I hope you survive it better than I did, lol I had nightmares for years. lol

Done. It’ll be interesting to see the results!

Are you CRAAAAAZY? A couple of minutes? That took no time at all! Glad to have helped ya!

Well, I usually shoplift my yarn but I’ll fill it out. :mrgreen:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I wish there were enough sales that I could usually pay <$2.

Where’s the question about what you ACTUALLY pay for yarn and what you tell your darling husband (or spouse or significant other…or pets - whatever the case may be!) you pay for yarn???


Glad to have helped! Let us know the results…

Glad to help!

I’m already guilty of that.:teehee:

Let us know the results. It will be interesting.

Yeah, same! And yet I have had two people respond and say that they do.

Stats is actually the only math class that I have EVER done well in! It’s strange because there are a bunch of people in the class who have always been good at math are doing really badly in stats. Thanks for your help and good wishes.

Yeah, same. And yet two people have said that they do!

Most people hate stats. I am glad you are doing well in it. What an original idea to incorporate knitting into all of your classes. How are you doing it in your other classes?


I could see how it’s possible. If I had a Hobby Lobby close enough to check weekly they often have 99¢ sales on selected yarns and clearances and not all of them are advertised.
My sister just picked me up some Moda Dea Lazy Daisy on clearance for about $1, I think it’s normally $5. I had just told her to check the price for me.

I tried but it told me survey was currently closed :frowning:

I’m glad I’m doing well in it too, I got a D in pre calc last year, so hopefully this will make up for that a little…

As for my classes, I’ve done knitting for almost everything now. Admittedly I’m counting my science fair project from last year in which I knit a model of the digestive system. Unfortunately the likelihood that I’ll be able to knit for the science class I’m taking this year is pretty slim, the entire class has turned out to be a sham and everyone in it is constantly at war with this fairly terrible teacher they’ve given us. In English I wrote two essays on knitting, one of which I also submitted to colleges as my narrative essay. They’re actually putting it in the school magazine and reading it in assembly this week, I didn’t think it was that special, go figure. For Spanish I’ve done a bunch of presentations all about knitting, what I knit over the summer, what I planned to make over winter break, knitting in Scandinavia… There have probably been more; Spanish tends to go by in a blur. History is tricky since we’re not given tons of opportunities to get creative and I’m not sure what I’ll do for that yet, but I bet I’ll be able to figure something out. My teacher has actually asked me to teach her how to knit, so maybe after I do I’ll be able to convince her to let me knit for class. In ceramics I’m making lots of little bowls for stitch markers and things. After school I help out making sets and props and costumes for the drama department and I’ve knit loads of bizarre things for them.

Thanks for taking the survey, it’s greatly appreciated!

yes, i just tried and it’s still closed

Me too!