How much can these balls of yarns knit up?

Sorry if this sounds like a newb question…lol :rofl:
But I have absolutely no idea about how to estimate how much yarn certain projects uses up… so I’ve got these balls of yarn and I’m just wondering how much they can knit up. I’m probably gonna go with a scarf with them, but how many scarves or other projects can I make with them? :??

I put my hand holding a 4 1/2 size needle beside the yarns just for size comparison. :slight_smile:

So…any suggestions? :shrug:

umm what brand of yarn are you using ?

[color=indigo]Looks to be a light weight yarn, say, sport? The balls, by sight, could be anywhere from 40 or so to 80 or so yards. Not much help, I’m afraid, wothout some more info. What brand / fiber is it?


Sorry… :shrug: I don’t know what brand it is because I got it from a friend and she already used some of it and cut off the label… I bet she doesn’t know what brand it is either because she said the yarns had been put in her closet for years lol.

It feels like acrylic.

About the only thing you could do is weigh each ball. Then measure out about 50-100 yards or so and weigh that, then figure it out from there.


Looks like about one really big scarf to me.

Thanks everyone, I’ll probably have to weigh them :slight_smile: