How much bigger should you knit something to be felted?----

like, twice the size you want the item to be? (because felting shrinks it) or??? Thanks! :slight_smile:

lol does this make sense? :slight_smile: or is the wording confusing??? :slight_smile:

I think it’s just that there’s no hard and fast answers. There are a lot of factors that determine how much or how completely something will felt. A lot of it depends on what wool you use.

You might be best to take a look at a bunch of patterns for felted items, take note of the gauge by which you can figure out the pre-felting dimensions (if the pattern doesn’t already tell you), also take note of the finished size and you should get a pretty general idea.

I have never felted any items yet, but I am going to be for Christmas. But I would make a swatch and felt it and see how much it shrinks.

I’m with knitqueen. There is no substitute for a swatch test . . .

however, there is a [color=red]very crude[/color] rule of thumb when working in stockinette:

The swatch loses 1/3 of the original height AND
the swach loses about 1/4 or the original width.

So a swatch that is originally 12 inches high and 12 inches wide turns out to be about 8 inches tall and 9 inches wide.

There is of course tremendous variety here depending on the yarn chosen, the degree of felting achieved, the original gauge, etc.

Also keep in mind that felted items, while still wet, can be pulled and tugged to pretty much whatever size or shape you want it. As it blocks and dries it will stay in that size.

True that! And with a bag, I find the tighter the stretch on the blocking thing the crisper the final shape will be.

Ah okay. :wink: I didn’t even think of a “swatch” test. :slight_smile: p.s. you’re supposed to type it “true dat’” smock. :wink:

To which my kids would say, “dubble tru.”

I found this informative discussion of felting: