How modifcations will affect my pattern

Shape shoulders: Cast off 12 (13-14) sts beg next 2 rows, then
12 (13-13) sts beg following 2 rows.
Leave remaining 35 (35-37) sts on
a stitch holder.

So I had to modify my pattern slightly because when I went to measure halfway through the back, it measured something bw 22-23" (when it was supposed to measure 20.5") (weirdly enough, I went back and checked my gauge and I was spot on… so perhaps it has to do with the yarn Im using (bernat supervalue) when the pattern called for bernat denimstyle, but anyhow…)

So I tore it out until the armhole and decided I would steek the excess seam allowance (omg I can steek!!! I. CAN. STEEK. hehe) So I just made the armhole deeper (pattern called for binding off 6 stitches, I did 10 (4 are going to disappear with the seam allowance, so Ill end up with the original 6 after taking the SA into consieration).

Now my problem is when I’m supposed to shape for the shoulders… If I cast off the required 12, then I won’t end up with 35 stitches for the neck. Would I cast off 12-4=8 instead?

Please help! :D[/b]

Is this the sweater you’re doing the three-needle bind off on?

yes it is. i’m just concerned that the neck will be too small if i follow the pattern directly!

(i suppose i should have just posted in the other thread. oops!)

I was just a little confused because you wouldn’t bind off if you’re doing the three needle bind-off.

I’d leave the 35 neck stitches as they are and either do a straight three-needle bind off on the remaining shoulder stitches or if you want to bind off, then just do half and half as the pattern had you do with the original 24.

Sorry, I’m still a little confused. If I bind off 24 stitches, I won’t have 35 stitches left for the neck bc I bound off 20 (10+10) stitches for the armholes (instead of 12) bc I realized the sweater was going to be way too big. (a remedy I thought to frogging the entire thing). So I guess I’m wondering if I bind of 16 (8 one row and 8 on another), will that be sufficient for the shoulder shaping?

That’s what I meant. Leave the neck size the way it is, and just have the shoulders narrower. Since the original pattern has you bind of 12 and 12, instead bind off 8 and 8. (Or do the 3-needle)

I don’t think that the one step in the shoulders will give much shaping, anyway.