How many stitches?

I am doing a pattern which states 13st = 10cm, the wool I want to use is 14st = 10cm; the pattern says cast on 50 stitches so how many should I cast on with my wool?
Hope you are better at maths than me!

Welcome to KH. Can you link to your pattern please. You need to do a swatch and find the right size needle to get the gauge/tension your pattern calls for.

I am using 5mm needles which gives me 13st to 10cm which is what the pattern calls for, I am making non-felted slippers; its working with the yarn I am using.
I want to make some more and my new wool says 14st to 10cm using 6mm needles, so I don’t know if I can use my 5mm needles and put more stitches or the 6mm ones and put less stitches, either way I want to get the same size slippers!

Knit a swatch, about 20sts, with the new yarn and see how many sts you get per 10cm. The numbers given for gauge on the ball band are for some average knitter but you need to know what you will get with the yarn and your needles. You can adjust the size of the needles to change the gauge if you need to.

I know from experience that the number of stitches given for any kind of wool is what I get when I knit a swatch, so it will be 14st to 10cm.
I don’t really want to use bigger needles as it will make the knitting looser and for slippers I want it tight, so I would like to add more stitches but how many? there must be a way of working it out mathematically but I am no good at maths.

Since you know absolutely about your gauge and unlike some of us don’t need to bother with a swatch, maybe looking for a different pattern that will meet your gauge would make more sense. Are these the ones you made? I’ve done the Biscotte version. For adapting my gauge I find a top down version such as the foot part of these which produces much the same result is easier. Knitter’s choice.

Are you open to using a smaller sized needle to get the gauge that the pattern calls for? If not, I’d go with what GrumpyGramma suggested. :slight_smile:

this is the one I am doing; paddled a lot with the 1st pair trying to follow the English version because it didn’t say ‘turn’ there is also a mistake sole: row 10 (70st) and row 12 (75st) as there is an increase of 4 st it is (74st) it puts the instep out of whack because there there should be 75st. I just added a stitch to row 2 of instep.
I also downloaded the French version Biscotte, in this one it says ‘turn’ but the 74 - 75st is still not corrected. Patterns should be checked before being published.
To get 13 st to 10cm I should go to bigger needles, not smaller, which would make the knitting looser.
My granddaughter, who is good at maths, says I should put 57 st on my 5mm needles. The wool hasn’t arrived yet so I’ll try that. At least since they are quick to knit if it isn’t right I’ll undo.
I am also going to make the next pair a bit bigger, the one I did fits me perfectly but I am a size 7 Australia. These are going to be Xmas presents!

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