How many stitches to cast on for ribbing

I wanted to do a simple cowl with 2x2 ribbing at the beginning and the end of the cowl. Would I cast on multiple of 4 stitches to get that ribbing in the round?
Happy Holidays to ppl and thank u for any help u can offer.

Yes, multiples of 4.

Thank u so much for your help.

Yes, a multiple of four. If you are knitting on circular needles, you may have to divide them unevenly. 2 by 2 is my favorite rib. However, I have a favorite mitten pattern that is cast on in 36 stitches, which is not a multiple of 4. I put 20 stitches on one needle and 16 on the other. After I complete the rows of ribbing and start the stockinette, I have to remember to adjust it again, 18 sts in each needle. If you don’t, your thumb placement and top mitten shaping are wonky and it’s rip, rip, rip, have a glass of wine or two or three.