How many stitches to add??

I want to make this blanket – only bigger.

I want to use smaller yarn/needles and end up with about 120-130 stitches. Any idea of how many stitches to cast on AND then how many to increase by???

Thanks so much!!

To figure out how many sts to cast on, make a swatch with your yarn and needles. Then you can determine your gauge and figure out how many sts to cast on. The swatch will also give you an idea of the weight of the knit fabric. You’ll be able to see if you like the texture.

Thanks, but I’m looking for some specific numbers! Like, if I want to add 1 more “set” of cables, how many more stitches do I cast on. And then, the tricky part for me, how many do I increase on the 3rd row???


Well, again it depends on how many sets of cables you want to add. The repeat is 20sts.
It’s an estimate but if you cast on 113sts and increase on row 3 by 17sts that’ll give you 130sts to work the pattern (120 for repeats and 10sts total on the ends).