How many sets of circs do you have?

I have the denise and the knit picks sets. I want to buy another set of Denise’s. It seems that the sizes I use the most of both sets are always in use when I need them. Is it crazy to have 3 sets?

I also have Denise although I never use them anymore. I love my Options so much more. I wouldn’t buy another whole set unless you really need everything in it. I would just get the separate parts. Here’s what I have now I think, but I’ve accumulated them over time.

Four - #4, 5,6,7, and 8 tips.
Appx six or so 24 in cables, four 32 in cables.
#0,1 and 2 - 24 in classic circs

6,7,8 - 16 inch circs

I just laughed when I saw, “How many sets of circulars do you have?”. I have never bought complete sets of needles, but I think I do have all sizes from 0-15 in circulars and some in various lengths, and different materials. I have a LOT of circular needles. I have accumulated them over the years and gotten them at second hand stores and yard sales as well as the usual places.

A couple of years ago I bought $200.00 worth of circular needles from the lady who used to own the LYS here (I was afraid she was going to sell them on e-bay LOL). These are mostly nylon needles, but I love those. I got them at 1/2 price of the prices marked on them and they were marked like $4.75 or so, some more and some less. I was thinking I would like to have these needles to offer to people who wanted me to teach them to knit, and I’ve used them that way, but I dip into them myself sometimes.

Besides those, I have my “own”. No, it is not crazy to have more than one of a certain needle. Sometimes you have more than one project going at a time, and then they seem to disappear over the years (this may only happen to me :slight_smile: ) I have always joked that ‘one never has too many needles’.

For years I had a compilation of odds and ends of used circulars plus a few I bought myself for a specific project. I usually didn’t have the size or length I needed. I bought the Harmony set this last winter and love them. I have since purchased extra #4, 5, and 6 tips since most of what I use circulars for require those sizes. I also purchased extra "40 cables. I still end up using the keeper discs that come with the sets because I use the same tips for numerous projects though I am working on getting my UFO’s done.
I also bought the KP options dpns set size 0-3. Those are the sizes I use the most so I now have 3 sets of 1’s, 2’s and 3’s. I still need more size 0, but that will have to wait.

“Is it crazy to have 3 sets?”


Get a GRIP! :roflhard:

I don’t think you’re “broken in” as a knitter until you have multiple sets of every size you can possibly get your paws on! Guess that makes me “crazy”, too!

Same goes for yarn!

So you just go for it, girl! Get multiples of whatever sizes strike your fancy. I LOVE my options interchangeables and have already added multiple tips for the sizes I use most, especially since I started working on two socks at a time on two circulars.

Good luck!

“Crazy” Ruthie :slight_smile: :knitting:

I have 2 sets of interchangeables and multiple other “singles.” I am always on the look for a 3rd set if I should fine one for a good price.

I haven’t got a set, but I have at least 2 (in different lengths or material) of everything from 8s to 15s. And 2 17s, only one is 12mm the other is 12.75 mm.

Getting additional tips and cords is a great idea. I dont know why I didnt think of that myself!! Are the harmonies the wooden knitpicks interchangeables? I dont know why but Im not like the nickel plated ones that much. I think I might like the wooden ones better. I think I like using the Denise ones better cuz they arent as slick. Are the harmonies less slick?

The harmony wood needles will work with the same cords as the metal ones. They’re not as slick as metal, but also not quite as grippy as bamboo, somewhere in between.

I inherited many straight needles from my mother, but discovered circs later - when I accidently discovered that I can mindlessly knit sweaters in a zen-like trance. This is benificial when raising 4 children!

I tend to knit cardigans waist up, dividing at the armholes, then continuing left front, back, right front on the circs, followed immediately by both sleeves at the same time on the circs - so needless to say - I love a good circ and have a bunch of them.

Don’t have any circ kits yet - I guess I don’t really “trust” them. Not sure how those suckers stay attached to the length of plastic between the tips without falling off, snagging the yarn, etc.

I have recently discovered addi turbos which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, so am very slowly replacing all my nylon, aluminum, etc circs with addis. (I have 2, so far. So, [I][B]very[/B][/I] slowly. They are rediculously expensive. Especially in comparison to my previous investment in needles, which was [I][B]free[/B][/I], from my mother.)

I have the options and the harmonies. Since I do small things on two circs, it was nice to have the two sets…it’s also nice to be able to have more than one project going at once!

As to whether it’s too many—only you know if you’ll use them. I say get as many as you need. :slight_smile:

I plead the 5th…

Seriously… I have oodles of lone circs in addition to my Denise, Options, and soon to be added Addi Interchangeables. I tend to be a process knitter and am therefore ADDICTED to needles and notions. I also give away the projects I actually do finish. So, lavishing myself with good tools is okay IMHO. Since I rarely keep what I knit (even though I usually start out intending to knit something for myself) - I enjoy using great needles.

I have the complete set of Option is 4-15 and the fixed 0-3 in the 32" length. Along with that I have a set of size 3 Harmony 24" and 2 16" size 8 that I bought from Clover and the other is the cheapos from WalMart.

Come christmas time I will be getting the harmony set as well as some of the longer cables so I can knit sock 2 at a time.

I have 2 sets of Options, and a million addi’s, a million bamboo and a million Susan Bates Quicksilver circulars.

Oh yeah, I have a problem:teehee:

I think I will try the harmony ones. I dont like how grippy the bamboo ones are and I dont like how slick the nickel ones are so they sound perfect for me. Thanks Suzee.

I have two sets of straights (one ok set of bamboos and I just got my KP 10" Straights today cheers) plus a rather picked over Susan Bates set that I got after my grandmother passed away years back.

As for Circs…I have a set of Denises, and I am slowly accumulating the sizes that won’t interchange. I think though, for the most part it is 3 lengths of each 3mm and 3.25mm, and one really long set of 2.25mm…for magic loop sox I want to try…smiles