How many rows?

I can’t tell if I’ve knitted 13 or 14 rows. Is there a way to tell how many rows I’ve knitted from how many bumpy lines there are? Oh, I feel so silly.

Yes, just count the purl “bumps” or you can turn the work around and count the completed “V’s.” Counting the bumps is much easier, though.

If you’re knitting every row, then each bumpy row counts as 2 rows. The space between the bumpy ridges are the knit rows and the bumpy ridges are the purl rows. (the back of a knit is a purl and vice-versa.)

So if you are looking at the right side of your work, 7 ridges would be 14 rows.

If it’s garter stitch and you have 7 bumps on each side, that’s 14 rows.