How many rows?

Hi everyone, my first post here. I’m quite new to knitting. Been going about 9 months now. I’ve got a question about the number of rows I should knit to get three rows of yarn. I feel like it’s probably three but something is telling me that I knit two rows and then the yarn on the needle makes the third row. Its difficult to describe what I mean which is why I have struggled to google it. I’ve included a picture.

I’m about to finish the scarf and I want three rows of the blue yarn on the other end

Do I knit three rows of the blue yarn or two?

Welcome to KH and to knitting!
Knit 3 rows. The last row will be the loops over the needle. Then change to the white yarn. You should be able to see your 3 rows of blue after knitting 2-3 sts.
Your knitting looks very nice and even. Well done.


When you start the new color, knit three rows. Then look at your knitting. You will see two rows of blue in your knitting, plus the blue stitches on the needle, adding up to three rows.

I too have pondered this! When you are knitting in one colour, it doesn’t come up.