How many projects do you have OTN?

When I first started knitting, I would neatly finish a project before casting on anything new. Now it seems one project can’t hold my attention too long. So let’s see how guilty we all are… :slight_smile:

Also include any items that have been cast off, but haven’t been finished (darned, sewed…etc)

It isn’t so much that I get distracted…it is more that I have a small project for taking with me…one large one for the couch…

Right now I also I have a sample going on…and one project that I had started to try and make a dead line…that failed…so I went back to my big project, and will get back to it when I am done…

So…generally I have two…at any given time…

I get bored REALLY fast… and I need to pick up another ball of yarn to finish my MILs scarf (hopefully they have the same dye lot … or she’s getting a 3ft scarf instead of a 5ft like I had planned…).

The scarf I have on for myself is just SOOO boring - I LOVE the look of the pattern and it’s pretty masculine so I will finish it… eventually… hopefully ;o)

I just got my first set of DPNs so clearly I had to whip out some random yarn I got on clearance at my LYS and see how hard it would be to knit a hat with them. So far so good!

Not to mention I have this awesome soft pima cotton that’s lace weight and I really want to get the drop stitch scarf going, but I keeping goofing up for stupid reasons :o/

My neighbor (who started knitting with me <3 her) thinks I have knitting ADD ;o)

I can think of 6 at the moment, but there are more, I’m sure of it.

I have 4 right now. One is a scarf that’s almost finished; one is a wrap that is about 2/3 done; an afghan and a pair of socks.

I am strict with myself that I’m not allowed to do something new until I finish the last one, therefore it’s an extra kick up the backside to get things done - apart from the abandoned cardigan that I sewed up wrong and can’t face fixing…

1 easy one for “therapy”, 1 challenge project so I can learn something new and 1 project that is usually a gift. If any one project is too large to become easily portable, then I’ll have a 4th “small” project! :wink:

Right now just a couple of long-term projects, but I just finished off several. I tend to start a lot and then just rotate through them and never finishing until I get sick of having so many things going. Then I finish off 2 or 3 things all within a few days of each other and I’m ready to start again.

Hm, until now I’m the only one who voted 7+??

I see, I have way too many projects going on at once, but I get bored so easily, so I have to start something new…

I voted 7+ and thought I would just make a mental list to make sure I was not lying.

i have
Ragna sweater
just started Faery Ring have the bottom cable done
Booga bag
Sylvi Coat
Mystery stole 4
Da Vinci Shawl
Spiderman blanket
Modern log cabin blanket
pair of socks for my son
mystery shawl no9
Alligator scarf
this is just off the top of my head, i know I have other projects started hiding out of sight in boxes.

listing this all down I am beginning to scare myself.

I voted 2-3, then went to count, and found

one afghan which I left for 5 months, then ‘borrowed’ the needles from, forgot which size, then restarted with smaller needles, so need to rip…will leave that for later.

Another afghan, log-cabin, which went all cockeyed, so I don’t know what to do with it.

One scarf with sock yarn, taking too long to knit on small needles.

another scarf with green merino wool, don’t like the bamboo needles cuz they stick.

a sockyarn purse for my grand-daughter, very small needles also.

two scarves which I’m testing the patterns of.

That’s it = 7!

Yikes, I didn’t realize!..glad you asked. Going to clean it all up now.

Well I’m down to two now. I finished the scarf and after going through my basket next to my chair decided to take the socks off the needles. So I’m still working on a wrap and a flannelghan I’m knitting (the pattern calls for crochet).

I said 5-6 but then remembered 2 more due to be frogged as I don’t like how they’re working out. If you count spinning then I also have 2 spindles with fiber on them that I’m also working on. I also have 1 1/2 lb of Corriedale spun and plied waiting to be dyed so I can start a sweater.
I tend to nibble away at most of them whenever I have time to sit down and a couple are hibernating until I decide I’m ready to face them again.

You see how easy it is to lose track of a project or two? Yikes. I did it; PlantGoddess is doing it…teehee.:wink:

I’m in a real knitting mess. I’ve got so many projects already on needles that I am seriously thinking of buying a new set of Options so I can start some more! I start something and then I get bored or discouraged and I just let it sit. In fact, I haven’t completed a knitting project in probably 6 months. Maybe more. I had one felted clog done and started my second one, but then somehow I ran out of yarn. I KNOW I bought the right amount. I just don’t know where the yarn is in my house. I started an iPod holder, but I don’t like the way my stitches look, so that project is sitting on a table. I started a felted snowman, but I needed the needle tips for something, so he’s sitting in a basket unfinished. I started a sock but quit. No reason. Oh, I think it was to finish the clogs. I started a pillow, but then my left hand started to hurt while I knit, so I quit.

There is something seriously wrong with me (knitting wise, that is). I want to knit. I just can’t stay focused on one project.

Maybe we all need apply the snowball effect that they use for eliminating debt. Start with the project that has the least amount of work left and finish it, then move on to the next one and so on.

Let’s post pics here of our projects we were inspired to finish when we realized our ‘project stash’ was out of control!