How many projects at a time

do you have going right now? I’m in the middle of three knitting projects --a shawl, a pillow and a dishcloth (Yes, I admit it–I’m a new knitter–I can only do flat, square things right now–hehehe :smiley: ). If I get bored or frustrated with one, I move on to the next for awhile and get back to the others later. How about you?

Happy Knitting!

Right now I have 1, but I try to have 2… a simple one and my complicated one. If I have more than that I’d probably have a panic attack and not do any.

Hmm, just one that i’m actually working on, but 3 or 4 counting things that I started but didn’t finish! Just taking a break on them, that’s all. I have so many project ideas ready though, that I think I may have to start something else soon!

At the moment, have two main projects that I am working on, an afghan, and a dress for my wife. :thinking:

let’s see…i have a dishcloth in my bag over there and three afghans at home…and what i am sure is going to be a scarf in a ball of yarn that i wound last night! :wink: i actually want to get started on that cuz i think it is gonna be pretty yarn to work with…it just got so crazy knotted last night when i was winding that it took longer than i expected…lol

i would get done with the afghans faster if it weren’t so boring to knit them…why do they have to be so darn wide? :lol:

I generally have 2 projects going. I’m doing an afghan and always have a dishcloth going. I :heart: making dishcloths.

I’ve got 3:

A pair of Fiber Trends felted slippers for ME

A sweater for Howie the Chihuawie that will remain an orphan until I learn to SEW

A basketweave dishcloth.

First off…I have adult ADD…lol…so that explains a lot about me…sigh. :doh:

That said…I am making a concerted effort to not add anything new to the needles till the UFO’s are completed. (unfinished objects)

Mike’s sock-what I am working on NOW.
Baby socks. I am not happy with the way the first one came out. The first baby will be born in 2 weeks?? So I REALLY want to get something done for her pronto.
Sampler Afghan- that is just 6x6 patches, as I see a pattern I want to try. I think I have 4 done.

I did finish up the shawl(this weekend) and socks last night.

I had 4 things going at once. But I would MUCH rather have just 2 going(in addition to the afghan).

In the works, waiting for the others to be done.
Patton’s Poncho
Booga Bag - in a dilemma…the bag is smaller than what I first thought…sooo…I think I will wait and get more yarn, and make it as big as I want it to be.
Baby Socks maybe hats too???(2 pair)
Rachel’s socks (1 pair)

I find that the want to list is more overwhelming than my actual list of things I am making!!

At this moment I am working on an afghan. I am monogamous to the project that I am working on, so I generally just do one at the time…unless, it’s a really large project & I need a break & I’ll stop & do a quick project like a pair of socks, scarf or hat or like that…Generally, tho…1 thing at the time…NOW…I have my list typed up & taped to the window of one of my stash closets; in these small closets you will find the yarn for these projects that are ready to go…and I am itching to get at them!! But…I must finish the (infamous) wedding afghan. Oh yeah, I :heart: :heart: :heart: knitting socks, so I usually do a pair of socks between each of my other projects. :XX: :XX: :XX:
I :heart: :heart: :heart: to :XX: :XX: :XX: …it’s my disease.

Hey Heather…I’m about to do a Booga, too…and a Sophie…and a French Market from Knitty…which one am I gonna do 1st?! I have the pre-dyed yarn for the booga…but…I have to decide on the colorways for the other 2 and I’m going to use koolaid…i :heart: :heart: to dye with koolaid…

I thought I was the only multitasker :shifty: I generally finish my projects (well, the pillow has been on going for about a year :rollseyes: ) but I MUST have a couple going at the same time.

Happy Knitting,

okay, I’m feeling guilty…getting nothing done on the wedding afghan by playing here on KH :frowning: …I don’t wanna go…but I MUST PREVAIL…I Must finish the afghan by wedding (may 14) :roflhard: :roflhard: :rofling: :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling: okay…I knew everyone needed a grin!! Altho…I would have had it finished had I not been under the weather for a few weeks…so, since he is my favorite nephew … he will understand (not so much tho if he knew i spent so much time running my mouth [so to type/speak] to a bunch of people online, tho…lol)
Have a :XX: :XY: but not much of a :frog: week one and all!!
:waving: :waving: Cya’ll later

I have 3 going on right now …

1 - The Evelope Afghan as a gift for a guy who did a favor for our family.

2 - An afghan from this book to use up some scrap yarn.

3 - An afghan from this book. It turned out to be harder than the pattern seems, so I’ve been avoiding it :oops:

oooooooooh noooo…i am nearly positive that book is the one laying on my floor next to my yarn basket (which doesn’t contain the yarn anymore of course) and i had one earmarked to do in there…okay i am not gonna think about that right now

I am very new to knitting, but so far, only one at a time, and I imagine that is probably how it will be for the most part. I like seeing things until they get done since I rarely finish things :shifty:

Although my first project I never totally finished (A simple purse, just need to knit the strap and sew it on), but I just lost interest and was doing that more to learn how to knit anyhow.

Right now I am making Anouk from knitty and having fun, but have lots of ideas for what to make for the next few projects!!!

3 on needles at the present time. Well, actually 4, but that includes my inbetween-projects-project (something I work on when I don’t have anything else going… which never happens.)

My Great American Aran Afghan.
A cashmere/silk Estonian Lace Scarf
A cotton raglan sweater

I have a pair of socks on needles too, but I’m not working on them right now.
I’ll soon have a baby sweater on needles.

I also have the pattern and yarn ready for um… 8 other projects. (maybe more)

And no, I see nothing wrong with this. I’m fine. Really.

I have NOTHING on the needles—nothing!

Last night I finished my first dishcloth and now I need lots more yarn so that I can have one going at all times. It has one row in the middle that is totally goofed up, but unless you look closely the sins are hidden. I printed a bunch of patterns today at work, and hope to buy some more yarn tomorrow.

Going on the needles very soon, maybe even tonight are as follows:

the dreaded soft boucle afghan
a hot pink skinny scarf for my son’s girlfriend
one of three “man scarfs” for my nephews