How Many Presents Are You Making This Holiday Season?

Two Christmases ago, my Grandmother presented me, my sister, my father, and my mother each with our own custom afghans in our respective favorite colors. I was so deeply touched at the time they must have taken her, and when I thanked her I said “I know what this means. I know how long they took. Yarn is love.”

Ever since then, I’ve been determined to gift all my loved ones with yarn, and this year I’m taking the plunge. I’m currently working on a baby blanket for my expected cousin, which will be a little early (he’s due in about three weeks!) But I’ve been trying to come up with other ideas, and these are the ones I’m throwing around:

Mom: snowflake ornaments for the tree (she was admiring them in my tatting book)
Dad: possibly the blue chenille blanket
Grandma and Aunt: slippers out of Homespun
My best friend: a Washington state purse (based off of the Washington state pattern in the dishcloths)
Her boyfriend: a Maine scarf (based off the same) or some Dr. Who knitting (he actually suggested it before I ever saw the KAL thread!)

Those are all the ideas I have so far. What are you guys going to work on? Maybe we’ll give each other more ideas!

[B][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Indigo”]I have 3 shawls on the needles, one for my friend, Mom, and sister. And a sweater for my grand daughter! I have been knitting like crazy…I do want to enjoy it. I’m making that Forest Canopy Shawl for my sister…one that I really need to pay attention to…LOL!

I just ordered some beautiful hand-dyed yarn for myself to make a shawl…maybe after Christmas!

Sounds like you have a good plan! I know what you mean about people truly appreciating it!

Happy Knitting![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

I’m not sure exactly. I have finished a scarf for one daughter and started one for my youngest daughter. I’m thinking about making washcloth gift sets with a knitted washcloth and bottle of bodywash or a bar of soap for my mother and sister. Maybe a hat for my husband. Not sure what else.

But I’m having to pace myself. My elbow is hurting this morning. Not sure what’s up with that.

I definitely need inspiration!!! I have a few ideas… for my daughter’s teachers and assistants I’m making little washcloth/soap packages in decorated bags. (3 cloths done, soap bought, bags bought ready for decoration.)

my nephew is getting a scarf/hat combo out of wool-ease. (done) I think I’ll make a more lacy scarf for my niece.

I want to make the cupcake tea cozy (from the whatcha knitting forum) for my tea loving friend. (bought the pattern yesterday!) and I was thinking of making the tea cup discloth and some crochet cupcakes.

I’ve been trying to make this scarf for my sister that uses short rows but I’ve ripped it out twice trying to master the “Wrap and turn.” I know it isn’t that hard, but, duh! She is not a girly girl type so I’m using that cool camo yarn from bernat.

I have a couple more friends I need inspriation for. then, I have to decide what to do for people that really don’t get the hand-made gift love. That’s a whole different post!!

I’m working on a crochet afghan for our bed as a gift for the hubby, but nothing else knit/crochet for him. he’s not a sweater guy, never wears scarves, hats, gloves, and does not get the idea of hand made socks.

My Mom is a fabulous knitter, so I’m not going to attempt anything for her. but I will get a book and some yarn for her.

I have a cool book cover pattern for covering paperback books- it has a pretty cable on the front, maybe I’ll try that for my book-obsessed friend…

and I have some doll clothes patterns for my daughter. (knit, and sewn) she also wants a Hello Kitty fleece blanket. (one of those easy no-sew ones) I have the fabric for it so I just have to get new blades for the rotary cutter and have at it.

So… I’ll be checking this thread for more fabulous ideas!

only a couple… I simply don’t have the time and i’ll be working on gifts for next year come january (when i’d like to make more than a few people something)

Afghan for mother in law

Booga bags for my sister, 3 sisters in law and niece

Water bottle sling and matching cell phone cozy for mom

-fish scarf for dd
-or small booga bag for dd
-booga bag for my friend

The afghan is ALMOST done. Definitely done before weekend is over. My mom’s water bottle cozy is half done. Taking wool and needles to Texas to knit booga bags like crazy over vacation.

Making things for other people is so much fun. In fact, the only thing I ever made for myself was a scarf.

Currently I’m making a sweater for my youngest son using a pattern from the Lion Brand website. ( It’s made from Homespun yarn. I’m about half-way finished, and it is so soft and yummy. My son’s been rubbing the finished pieces on his skin.

When I’m finished, I’m going to make another sweater from the same pattern for my oldest son. Instead of for Christmas, though, I hope to have them both finished by the time cold weather comes (November).

My husband has expressed interest in a sweater. I’ve actually never made anything for him, so I hope to be able to do one before Christmas. And I’d like to make him a pair of warm socks (maybe even wool).

So much knitting, so little time!

Well let’s see if I type it all A. I will be committed and B. I will probably need to be committed but let’s give it a go.
3 shawls for the moms
Thorne market bag for sis
Damask bag for sil
2-3 pair of clogs for Dads
hat and scarf or a booga for neice
Sweater for ds
Sweater jacket for dd
Dragon scarf for ds

And then because several birthdays fall around the same time I have face cloths and pigeldy to do.

Yep I should definitely be committed.

I hope to make 7 pairs of FT clogs :passedout: If I don’t make I’ll sub in with other things, and then I also have to buy giftcards or somethign to go with the clogs to make the gift “real.”

I’m also going to try and work in a sweater for my Nana because she’ll love it, but I’m not putting myself on a deadline. She’s getting a pair of the clogs, and I’m making her socks for her bday in November. So if I finish the sweater in time for Christmas, bonus. If not, I"ll work on it at a leisurely pace and save it til Mother’s Day. :thumbsup:

I have 22-23 people I usually get gifts for. I started out with good intentions, but we all know where that leads…

Between my husband and I, we’ve got a huge family. So I usually go on the “small” but thoughtful homemade kind of gift. This year, I am doing knitted dish clothes. There are so many patterns out there that I won’t get bored of making them! I’ll add to it with some homemade baked type goodies, etc.
I like to keep it simple.

Wow!! Just thinking about this has got me feeling overwhelmed and I really need to get started now.

FT clogs for mom, aunt, and dh
scarf for best friend and her husband
hat and neck warmer for my two girls and cousins girls (2)
multiple dishcloths for MIL, Mom, and teacher gifts.

This is not counting the stuff I wanted to make for me this year.

Well, I guess I need to get busy.

I’m currently working on a Moonlit Sonata shawl (from Elann) for my MIL for Christmas. After that is finished, I’m going to start a Luna moth shawl (also from Elann) for my mom. I’ve got a finished Clapotis that I’m giving to my grandma. I’m going to knit my step dad some socks. And I’m thinking of knitting my sister a hat and scarf in her college colors. That’s as far as I’ve gotten for presents so far.

Growing up we had a rule. We weren’t allowed to talk about Christmas until after the first of December. With 3 of her 6 children born in November my mom found it to stressful to have to think about Christmas before our birthdays. Now that we’re adults the rule has been loosened. We still don’t decorate or do anything Christmasy before the first of December but we still talk about what will do. Mom was also the type that was still doing Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. With that as part of my upbringing I find it strange and a little hard to think about Christmas gifts before December 1st. I’m slowly learning that if I want to knit for Christmas I have to start early. The ideas I have are:

Mom - Matching Palindrome Hat & Scarf or Felted Clogs
Dad - Same as mom but socks instead of the clogs.

Nephew & 2 nieces - Booga bag for their knitting.

As for the sibling I’m not sure. As I said there are 5 of them plus 2 SO. Luckily I don’t have to knit for them all. A few years back we decided to do a gift draw. We put everyone’s name in a hat and everyone picks one out. (I’m sure you could have figured that out on your own but I fill the need to explain everything) There are a couple of rules. 1) You can’t have your own name. 2) You can’t have your SO name.
This works great. We don’t empty our bank account buying gifts for seven people. The only problem is that we don’t draw names until Thanksgiving, at the earliest. (Don’t freak out. I’m talking Canadian Thanksgiving, which is on the 8th of October this year.) So I don’t know who I’m buying/knitting for until then causing just a wee bit of stress.
The ideas I have for the sibs are:

Bro#1: No idea.
Bro#2: No idea.

BIL#1: Felted Clogs
BIL#2: Toque & scarf. Still have to find pattern.

Sis#1: Felted Clogs
Sis#2: Toque & scarf. Need pattern.
Sis#3: Shrug/Shawl/Sweater. Not sure which yet.

Then there is the issue of what to get for Sis#3’s boyfriend. If anything. If anybody has any ideas for 25 yrs old, 26 yr old and 33 yr old males I’d really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I have few things in mind.

I’ve done a scarf for my mom, and starting on another for my MIL this weekend.

Some of the inlaws and outlaws like to exchange ornaments, so I’m knitting some mini-stocking for them (and my dd is knitting some snowmen and wreath ornaments for all her cousins). I’m planning a couple of pairs of fuzzy feet from Knitty, and dd is making a couple more. I think between us that will be for dh, FIL and my dad.

That’s all I’m committing to at this point, but it may change as I see I have time. Next year, I plan to start earlier and be more creative!

I knit a bunch of dishcloths over the summer for my mom that will go into a basket of kitchen type things. My mom just remodeled her kitchen, so it’s sort of a kitchen warming/Christmas present. I’m knitting a pair of gloves for my son, but I was hoping to make a birthday present for out of those. I’ve got a bit of the hand and then all the fingers and thumb of the second one to do yet and I’ve got a month to finish it.

I knit for people all the time but rarely for Christmas, because I can’t seem to find enough time to knit when they aren’t around to see!

This year I think I’m going to try and fit in a few secret projects, on the smaller side.

My mom gets my Tropical Punch Slipper socks every Christmas and Birthday. It’s not an option :slight_smile: She lives in these, and told me I will have to keep knitting as long as she’s alive because she can’t find anything else that fit the way she wants. :heart:

I think some of the grandchildren may get some more cork people. Star Trek and other themes. They love to play with these.

I have also had requests for Dragon puppets, rainbow socks and such from the grandkids. So I may try and sneak some knitting in on those when they aren’t looking. Of course last time I knit a sock from my grandson, he was standing right there waiting for the first one. Put it on before I could even wash it. Then climbed up on my lap and asked me to start the next one. He sat on my lap with the row counter clicking each row and saying… Nana, is it done? Knit faster Nana! :roflhard: At least I know they are appreciated. His mother told me that he went around in one sock all day yesterday because they couldn’t find the second sock and he wouldn’t wear anything else.

The last one is something I can knit without fear of being found out. It’s the Jean Greenhowe Nativity set, that I hope to knit up for my secret sister exchange. We reveal ourselves at the December party.

Mama Bear