How many place markers

how many would you say is a reasonable number for any given pattern? whats the most you have ever used at once? i am going to make some and i didn’t want to make a ton, nor too few…i was thinking of making 8…TIA

I’d say it depends on whether you have multiple projects going at once. I have a sweater that’s using 8, but then I have some in other projects… :shrug:

I’m doing the Central Park Hoodie right now, and the pattern calls for 12 stitch markers. I’m using 14, because I’m knitting it as one piece so there’s less seaming. :teehee:

Plus I have other WIPs and UFO’s with stitch markers in 'em.

Since you can use markers that are a bit bigger than you need, 8 would probably be enough since its unusual to have a lot in a given pattern. Just my opinion, anyway.

I’m currently knitting Clapotis and it asks for 18 stitch markers. :shock:
I’ve never used more than one for a project. But, it makes sense. They definitely make following the pattern easier.

the sets I’ve seen as gifts/ for sale usually have 8-10. 2 are usually different from the others for marking the round, or whatever. But personally I love the little elastic hairbands.

I made 4 sets of 10 in the smaller size rings (for needles up to 6) and 5 sets of 10 in the larger size rings (fits up to needle 10). Each set is a different color and style of beading.

I knit a lot of patterning that requires tracking…and I use different colors within the row to mark certain happenings. I have used the most markers at once when casting on a lot of stitches. I mark them 10 st at a time, then peel them off when knitting the first row.

I enjoyed making them, and I JUST LOVE HAVING THEM! What else can I say? :teehee: If you can just make one set for now…make a 10-pc set…4 in one color, 6 in another color or bead type. That should get ya’ started! Better to have what you need when you need it…than to be kickin’ yourself later!

FYI: when you are done “wrapping” that wire twist, and you are then ready to nip off the excess wire…be sure to nip the excess AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE, leaving nothing that will snag on your yarn. :eyebrow:

I’ve used as many as 20 in one pattern before. Mostly I use just regular, non fancy rings as stitch markers, but I do have a few beaded sets. One set that’s made of real silver is a set of 12.

thanks for the tips artlady :slight_smile:
i just made 3 yesterday… two with jump rings (the 2nd i wrapped the wire much better) and one with a clippy back…similar to this:

i thought this would be a good row and stitch marker. any thoughts on using these:

would the little bit of wire at the bottom be a big problem?
again as always TIA

Well, to mark rows in batches of 10…I just use a piece of contrasting cotton thread. On dark yarn, white…on light yarn, tan or brown.
Easily removed later. I used to use little brass safety pins…but, they are time-consuming to remove later. Yanking little threads is quick! And cheap.

The things in your Photographs may be too large…and yes, the clippy thing at the bottom could catch on yarn…but, just try them for awhile…you will know!

Post a followup!

If you want me to, I will take a close-up photo of some of my stitch markers…they are not perfect…but good enough! I got better after my first 10 or so. :teehee: Some were kinda spendy to make, some were inexpensive. Depends on the findings, etc! Ya’ can just go crazy in those bead shops! A dangerous $$$ place $$$ to hang out if ya know what I mean!

I used 54 for a circular lace shawl… at that point, I was using mini split rings by themselves that I got at walmart for half of them and the other half were my beaded markers I made…

oooooo, the little clear elastic hair thingies!!! i have a gazillion of those from dd’s hair things! :cheering:

thats what i use now…i love them, and i use the color ones to remind me “hey this round is purled dummy”, :teehee: but i thought heavier beaded ones would be nice… and pretty! joanns has pretty beads… and tons of choices. i dont think i would make it out safely from an actual bead shop!:oops: