How many of you knitters are also sewers?

I have sewing projects I need to do too? How many of you try to do both, and how do you manage it?

I am a multi-hobby person, and have a lot of sewing projects and cross-stitch projects in my queue. How do I manage it? By lowering my expectations. I sew for utility (curtains, hemming, clothes if I can’t find exactly what I want), and try not to buy fabric I won’t use. I try to limit my knit/crochet and cross-stitch projects to 2 per craft. That also helps keep me from feeling overwhelmed. It also helps that my sewing space is separate from my knit/crochet/cross-stich space.

I sew too…and a multitude of other crafts.

Just sew for needed items…and mending. So I drop what im doing and I sew when the need arises.

The other stuff, I finish what im doing and start on the next. But there are times I just plain get tired of the craft im doing and ill pick up something else and do it for a while.

I craft for hire too…so that makes a big differance on what im doing and when.

Prob didnt help a bit. Sorry.

Hi, Janette! :waving:

First off, congratulations on having a rich and varied creative life! Rather than a “problem” try to look at it as a gift!!! :woohoo:

There’s a lot we do in life that really is an art form but it’s so normal for us that we don’t see it that way.

For instance, putting a meat-potatoes-vegetable meal on the table, all at the same time and all hot seems to be in the realm of fantasy for so many folks nowadays. My grandkids live at Burger King and when they visit I make sure to have a “real meal” for them. When they sit down at the table they just stare at the dishes of home-cooked food as though it were the Mona Lisa!!! Then they dive in, but for awhile it was art!!! :slight_smile: So maybe make a list of all your true “art forms”, just for fun!

As far as your more obvious art forms go, I’d suggest doing what moves you, either by inclination (I really want to knit this gorgeous sweater!) or necessity (I’ve got to get hems in these jeans or go naked to the store!). Then practice FINISHING projects. In the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy… “Git 'er done!”. There’s a great deal of satisfaction in that. It gives you a useful hand-made item and clears the decks for new projects.

And last but not least, ORGANIZATION is the key to production!!!
Keep your tools and materials within easy reach. If you have a separate area you can use for your creative projects use it and use it efficiently.

Anything you have to hunt for or wrestle into place (like the sewing machine) will cut down on the time you have to create your projects and also on the willingness to get started. If you know you’ve got to fish around in a closet for the sewing machine, set it up, re-thread the needle, get the extension cord to hook the dang thing up… you get the idea. It can be exhausting just thinking about it.

If you have to keep your items stored away, put them together where you can reach them at a moments notice. Label all bins of materials with what’s inside and if you have a lot, make a master list so you can look at it and know your sock yarn is in Bin #32 and your acrylic afghan yarn is snoozing in Bin #12.

Anything you do to keep your area orderly will buy you tons of time to work your magic. Just put it together with the idea that you want to be able to go there, sit down and immediately start working on your project du jour!

Then be sure to put it all away when you’re done!!! :thud:

Good luck and hope this helps!


I sew for my 3 year old granddaughter; mostly heirloom sewing. I also do most of my knitting for her. I alternate between sewing and knitting, and try to finish one project before starting the next. It doesn’t always happen that way, though. Right now I am working at 3 smocked dresses for her in various stages of completion and 1 cardigan sweater. I switch on and off, as the mood strikes me! I keep my sewing machine set up all the time, so I can walk over to it as needed/wanted. Yes, it pays to have everything right at hand, otherwise one really doesn’t feel like hunting around for stuff, setting up, etc. That in itself gets to be an exhausting process. I also do hand embroidery. (My machine does machine embroidery, but I don’t care for it, so don’t use this feature.) I think it’s great that we have all these opportunities to be creative!

I ‘doesn’t’ sew…my other hobbies are photography, baking and rarely, cross stitch…

I also am a multi-crafter…I knit, crochet, sew, quilt, bead, and I do all of it for personal pleasure, to share on my website, and as commission or paid work as well.

My paid work gets done usually during the day between running the kids and doing the grocery shopping and laundry and all the usual mom stuff.

What I do for personal pleasure is usually saved for my evening time after the kids are in bed and I’m done working for the day.

That’s what works for me.


I also, sew and knit. When I get bored with one, I do the other. I am a better seamstress than knitter. There are so many crafts we have access to now days and it makes me feel good to be able to create something.

I sew as needed. Nothing fancy.
What I’m having trouble juggling is brewing beer. Maybe it’s the time of year or maybe it’s the drinking the brewed beer but it’s been a while since I’ve picked up the needles.