How many needles? Let's share

Hello, :cheering:

How many needles do you own? What needles are they?

Currently I have 3 pairs of needles, and 1 circular needle.

Hope to own more!

Let’s share!

ummm, well, it would take to long to count them, figure out the sizes and write it all down … Probably 20 pair metal …given to me by a friend who “does” estate sales … all grouped into colors and displayed in vases … I don’t really like to knit with metal but they are SOOOO pretty! About 25 pair of bamboo straights … various sizes some 14", 12" and 9" They are pretty , too! a set of Boye interchangables … maybe 6 clover bamboo circs, my favorite to knit in the round with … and 6 misc circs… 12 or so sets of DPN’s mostly bamboo … Some very cool old plastic needles and wood needles from ebay … and a few DPN’s and Straights I made myself …

Most of them are “out” except the circs … on display … so … are they knitting needles or home decor … well, I tell my DH decor … don’t tell him that most people don’t buy knitting needles to decorate :slight_smile:

I haven’t ordered any needles from TaraKnits because I am afraid once I start I won’t be able to stop!!!

I have:

The pair of 14" sz 17 metal straights that I learned on… :heart:

2 sets of Denises
Clover bamboo circs: 16" 15’s, 16" 3’s, 24" 3’s
Addi’s: 16" 4’s
Susan Bates Silvalume circs: 29" 8’s, 29" 2’s
Clover Bamboo DPN’s: 9’s, 7’s, 3’s

I just need to complete my collection of bamboo DPN’s and small-gauge circs. :wink:

Two sets of Denises! Yay for you!

I don’t have much yet, since I am such a slow knitter. :slight_smile:

1 set of Boye’s interchangeables :heart:
3 sets of DPNs 7, 4. 5
4 pair of Susan Bates Crystal-something-or-other 8, 9, 10, 10.5
2 pair of Boyes aluminum straights 7, 15
1 pair bamboo 13 (my first pair - for a fun fur scarf!)
1 Boye aluminum circs 4

I can’t wait to see who has the most!

I’ll have to check when I get home. I’m curious myself. I think I’ll need a calculator! :rollseyes:

I’ve only been knitting about a month now, and I already have at least 8 pairs of straights and 3 pairs of circulars. Of course I share these with my daughter (that’s my excuse), so when I buy, I’m buying for two.

LOL I was re-organizing my needle holder the other night and dh was like I think you have enough needles for 5 :shock: nooo I don’t even have enough to make what I want to :rollseyes:

1~Boye interchangeable set
15 Circulars
10 Circulars
8 Circulars
7 Circulars
6 Circulars ~ only pair of 16s
5 Circulars

3x 9s


If I had a HL or Joanns or Michaels around me I’d be sooo happpy be able to get the rest of my 16s circs and DPNS!!! Wally world doesn’t sell DPNs or small circs :frowning: so I have to have dh stop in coming home from work and get what I need sometimes he does :cheering: like last time and sometimes umm… waaaayy offf :blush:

I have a pair of 10 and 7,
DPN size 7
and Circulars 7 and 10.5

The circs and DPNS I got from Tara Knits quick plug for ya :smiley:
The customer service was top Notch the response was very fast!!!

Thanks Carol :smiley:
/end extreme excitment :roflhard:

Let’s just say :thinking: …A LOT :wink:

Hmmmm…I had one of those cards that has all my needles on it (I bring it with me into the yarn stores so I know what to look for). But now I can’t find it. Anyway, I have enough needles to have them written down cuz I forget just which size I have. Basically one of everything from size 2-13 straights, 3-10 circs, 2-13 dbl points. But the size of circs is all different.

You don’t need to be so greedy KK!

:thinking: I honestly dont know, I have to go and count them, I have lots and lots of them…

Virtuella, is there an english version of your blog?

1 set Boye’s
1 set Denise’s

11 dpns - homemade wood
2 sets of 4 dpn’s
6 dpn’s - metal
8 dpn’s - metal
2 dpn’s - bamboo
1 dpn’s - bamboo


size 11, 16 in - wood
9, 16 in - metal
9, 31 in - metal
3, 16 in - metal
2, 40 in - bamboo
5, 16 in - plastic
3, 40 in - turbo addi
5, 30 in - metal

And I gave away all straights - no need for them (they were ancient from a friend of my mother’s, so I didn’t waste a bunch of money)

:oops: I have at least 63 circulars, 35 pairs of straights, about 10 dpns.

I have a set of Denise’s, full set of straights from size 0 thru 17, and multiple sets of DPNs from size 0000 to 10. I believe I have every needle I’d ever need, but I still really want a set of those long DPNs and a knitting belt for authentic Fair Isle knitting. :heart:

Silvelr, knitting belt??? What’s that?

Hello, Im out of all my bags and drawers with yarn and needles…
… and I found some …

  • A box of Denise Interchangeable knitting needles, at the time my favourite needles!
  • 11 pairs of long knitting needles, pairs, all Inox
  • 22 short circular needles, different sizes, most of them are Inox or Addi
  • 25 long circular needles, different sizes, most Inox, some Addi and a single one is ivory, I love that ivory-needle!
  • 22 sets of sock needles, sets of 5 DPNS, most of them are Inox, but I have some bambooneedle-sets too, I prefer to knit socks on bamboo.

:oops: :oops: :oops:

Straight needles

Bamboo: Size 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, 15. (14 inches long)
Metal: Size 7 and 10. (14 inches long)
Plastic: Size 19. (14 inchels long)

Circular needles

Metal: Size 8. (26 inches long)

That is all! I hope to go some DPN’s and more circulars soon so I can start Candy from and the Kitty hat in Stitch N’ Bitch. :slight_smile:

P.S. I hate metal!

I made a chart and planned on carrying it in my wallet, but I keep forgetting.